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July 2007

Foo AvA – Guide To Apply the Theme + Customization Guide

Foo AvA – Guide To Apply the Theme + Customization Guide

[With Screenshots]

My small way to thank dawxxx666 for his excellent effort with Foo AvA

It all started with this excellent work by dawxxx666.

Here @ Forums

Its been a long time i had customized foobar and
so i was not able to successfully apply his creation
to my foobar in the first go.

So as i found out a exact method i am posting a
guide here on how to apply this excellent interface
to ur foobar.

This is guide is written by me after finding how
to appropriately apply this as those who are new
to foobar might find it difficult what to do.

Guide Links

1.> NeoWin

2.> TechEnclave

More Skins Here
1.> Foobar2000 Blog
2.> Foobar2000 Skins –

This guide can be used as a base to apply other skins.

Just take care to download appropriate components , fonts , extra addons
mentioned in there links.

Interesting Skins
Foobar2000 Blog » Elegance
Foobar2000 Blog » SlanXP Minimal
Foobar2000 Blog » FofR Version 0.9

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Advertisements is one of the Best Tech Forums in the World

Its just been 2 days since i registered on Forums and must say this is one of the best technology forums in this world.

Feels like why i didnt find this place earlier.

It covers almost every section News , Blogs , Tutorials , Hardware , Software , Gaming , Operating Systems , Desktop Enhancement , Networking etc… and each section has some extremely talented forum members who respond to each and every query.

The amount of knowledge possessed by the members is mind blowing , also everyone is very friendly on the forums trying to help the one’s in need of help.

Neowin Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it up guys.

Head Here to find more : Forums

Sony VGN-UX27GN : Small Uber Cool Laptop


The World Smallest & Lightest PC

  • Intel® Centrino® Mobile Technology
  • Intel® Core™ Solo Processor U1500 (1.33 GHz)
  • Genuine Windows Vista™ Business
  • 4.5″ WSVGA (1024×600) Touch Panel Clear Bright LCD
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 a/b/g and Bluetooth®
  • Fingerprint Sensor, HDD protection
  • 2 MOTION EYE Camera
  • Theatre sound with Dolby technologies & SRS TruSurround XT
  • Port Replicator & Display/LAN Adapter Supplied
  • Battery life upto 3 hours
  • Weight: 520g

More Info
Sony India – like no other
Sony VAIO VGN-UX27GN – Notebooks – Review –

PDF Catalogue

This is the best thing i have seen till date when it comes to laptops.

Gr8 work there Sony.

Ubuntu Tribe 3

Ubuntu Tribe 3

Some of the noteworthy additions are :-

  • The latest desktop effects powered by Compiz Fusion 1:0.5.1+git20070712-0ubuntu4
  • GNOME 2.19.5 development release
  • lot of improvements to network-manager
  • lot of improvements to apport ( v 0.91)
  • Lot of improvements in GNOME power manager profiles (laptop stuff) reportedly .
  • 2.2.1 is released
  • Rythmnbox has been revamped (ekdaam jhakaas at least in the UI dept. )
  • Totem (the boring looking player has also had some enhancements in the UI dept. )
  • Firefox updated, upgraded to

Download Here: Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Tribe 3

Hacking Vista: Optimize Core OS Components

Hacking Vista: Optimize Core OS Components

The core Windows components can be thought of as the steel beam structure of a skyscraper. This basic structure of the building provides support for all the other components. Windows Vista is a massive program that has various layers of components that support each other. This chapter is going to help you tweak the core components of Windows to increase the overall performance of your computer. Instead of a steel beam structure,Windows Vista’s core components are short-term memory (RAM, a.k.a. volatile memory), long-term storage (your hard drive, a.k.a. non-volatile memory), and the CPU. All the programs that run on Windows, including Windows itself, eventually break down to these three core components.

To get started, you are going to tweak your system’s short-term memory using some techniques and features of Windows Vista to increase the speed of memory operations. Then, you are going to hack another critical component, the paging system, and then speed up your hard drive and adjust how your CPU does work. These tweaks and hacks will help you speed up the overall performance of your computer.

Read Complete Article: Here

Fighting Viruses in Vista Without Antivirus Programs

Fighting Viruses in Vista Without Antivirus Programs

Way back in November 2006, when Windows Vista went from beta to RTM, Microsoft’s Jim Allchin suggested that users might not need an antivirus program, thanks to the new OS’s stronger security features. While the statement was subsequently clarified until it lost all its meaning, the question remains: Do Vista users really need an antivirus program running in the background at all times?

Vista is full of anti-malware features, and one of the most powerful is User Account Control. The controversial routine blasts users with a confirmation request virtually any time they try to run a program that might alter the state of the system. Vista users, you’ve seen it: when you try to install a program, to launch Device Manager, or run something as Administrator, the screen goes dark, the system plays an alert noise, and a dialog appears asking for permission to proceed.

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DDR3 Memory: Not Ready for Prime Time

DDR3 Memory: Not Ready for Prime Time

Time for another memory transition!

Well, not quite. DDR3 memory has arrived on the scene, but the move to DDR3 memory is looking a lot like the transition from DDR SDRAM to DDR2. What’s happening is that newer memory trades off latency for bandwidth.

The recent release of the Intel P35 and G35 chipsets is the beginning of the shift to DDR3, a new memory technology that builds on the foundation built by DDR2. We’ve seen a plethora of DDR2-based P35 and G33 motherboards arrive on the scene, but only a handful of DDR3-based boards. Part of the reason for this is the high cost of DDR3. Right now, 2GB DDR3 kits, consisting of a pair of 1GB modules range in price from $400-$500. Speed doesn’t seem to be a factor, with DDR3 1333MHz pairs costing roughly the same as DDR3 1066MHz kits.

These types of transitions are always painful. Make the jump too early, and you’ll end up spending way too much money for expensive RAM that drops quickly in price—and get to help debug new motherboard BIOSes in the process. Jump too late, and you may end up with a motherboard that can’t take newer CPUs and older memory.

Read Complete Article: Here

Interesting Softwares

1.> True Transparency

2.> Styler

3.> Shedko Badges – Add Badges to your folders

4.> Microsoft Expression Studio

5.> Stardock TweakVista

Interesting Hardware

1.> Logitech Mx Air Mouse

2.> Belkin’s New N1 Vision, First Wireless Router with an Interactive Network Display

3.> Cyber Snipa’s Warboard makes PC gaming 20 times simpler

4.> PSP Slim with TV Tuner

Guide To Create 1:1 Legal Backups of CopyProtected CD/DVD

Guide To Create 1:1 Legal Backups of CopyProtected CD/DVD


- Use this Tutorial only to make legal backups of your

  Copy Protected CD or DVD as we all have a right to have one.
- Dont use this guide to make illegal backups of your

  copyprotected CD/DVD for distribution.

- Any misuse of this tutorial for illegal purpose is completely

  your responsibility.

- Some where i have used black stripes , its just used to

  protect my Copyprotected CD.

Hardware Required
– Any Basic AMD or Intel based Computer
– CD/DVD Rom
– CD/DVD Writer

Softwares Required

A copy prtection scanner

Alcoholer [Latest]
Passes Settings to Alcohol to create a Image File of the CopyProtection
Detected with ClonyXXL

Alcohol 120% Full [Latest]
Used to create a Image file of the CopyProtected CD/DVD
and also used to Burn the CopyProtected Image file to CD/DVD.

>> Guide <<<

Guys most of my articles have been written and formated on so providing a link to that site where the 
articles are properly formated.

Guide To Streaming Video in LAN

Guide to Streaming Video in LAN

Most of the people think that video streaming is a very complicated process.

Lets make it easy

After reading this Tutorial you also will be able to stream
VCD .dat , AVI [Normal , Divx , Xvid , 3ivx] , WMV , mpg files

>>> Guide <<<

Guys most of my articles have been written and formated on so providing a link to that site where the 
articles are properly formated.

Guide To Resume NFS Carbon Saved Games

GUIDE To Resume NFS Carbon Saved Games

Many people have played NFS Carbon uptil now but its some times difficult

to play the saved games or ur own games later after uninstalling the game

this guide will help u resume ur saved games if u reinstall or try to use ur

friends saved game.

>>> Guide <<<

Guys most of my articles have been written and formated on so providing a link to that site where the 
articles are properly formated.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – Ultimate Patch Guide – Unlock Full Potential

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 – Ultimate Patch Guide – Unlock Full Potential

I have been enjoying FIFA 2007 until i came to know about PES’s

potential after applying the super patch , after that it was no

stopping kept trying newer patches.

Since its a bit confusing for a newbie on how to go about going

to unlock PES 6’s true potential.

I am trying my level best to make this as simple as possible.

>>> Guide <<<

Guys most of my articles have been written and formated on so providing a link to that site where the 
articles are properly formated.   

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