Guide To Create 1:1 Legal Backups of CopyProtected CD/DVD


- Use this Tutorial only to make legal backups of your

  Copy Protected CD or DVD as we all have a right to have one.
- Dont use this guide to make illegal backups of your

  copyprotected CD/DVD for distribution.

- Any misuse of this tutorial for illegal purpose is completely

  your responsibility.

- Some where i have used black stripes , its just used to

  protect my Copyprotected CD.

Hardware Required
– Any Basic AMD or Intel based Computer
– CD/DVD Rom
– CD/DVD Writer

Softwares Required

A copy prtection scanner

Alcoholer [Latest]
Passes Settings to Alcohol to create a Image File of the CopyProtection
Detected with ClonyXXL

Alcohol 120% Full [Latest]
Used to create a Image file of the CopyProtected CD/DVD
and also used to Burn the CopyProtected Image file to CD/DVD.

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