Foo AvA – Guide To Apply the Theme + Customization Guide

[With Screenshots]

My small way to thank dawxxx666 for his excellent effort with Foo AvA

It all started with this excellent work by dawxxx666.

Here @ Forums

Its been a long time i had customized foobar and
so i was not able to successfully apply his creation
to my foobar in the first go.

So as i found out a exact method i am posting a
guide here on how to apply this excellent interface
to ur foobar.

This is guide is written by me after finding how
to appropriately apply this as those who are new
to foobar might find it difficult what to do.

Guide Links

1.> NeoWin

2.> TechEnclave

More Skins Here
1.> Foobar2000 Blog
2.> Foobar2000 Skins –

This guide can be used as a base to apply other skins.

Just take care to download appropriate components , fonts , extra addons
mentioned in there links.

Interesting Skins
Foobar2000 Blog » Elegance
Foobar2000 Blog » SlanXP Minimal
Foobar2000 Blog » FofR Version 0.9

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