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August 2007

Guide to setting up PPPOE based ISP in Linux

Guide to setting up PPPOE based ISP in Linux

This article helps you setup your ISP so that you can access net in Linux.

The command for ubuntu is “sudo pppoeconf”

All that is needed in your linux distro is “pppoeconf”

Read Complete Guide

1.> Neowin Forums

2.> Techenclave Forums – TATA ISP [India]

Helpful Threads

Broadband setup in Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

HowTo: Holding hand walkthrough for setting up PPPoE on any linux distro.


RP-PPPoE | Roaring Penguin


How to enable the root account in Ubuntu

How To Enable root account in Ubuntu

knight17 @ Neowin Forums has written this tutorial.

Ubuntu is one of the few Linux distributions out there that will not enable the root account.In case you want to enable root login on your Ubuntu system this post will show you how you can do that.

Link: Complete Guide

How To : Compiz Fusion for ATI cards + Xgl in Feisty

How To : Compiz Fusion for ATI cards + Xgl in Feisty

Mr Greencastle @ Ubuntu Forums has written this gr8 guide.

Quote -> Mr Greencastle

I’m making this guide because I have seen many people lately with problems installing Beryl or Compiz Fusion with Xgl. I have taken some parts of other guides and have also contributed my own parts, just to make things easier. (Many thanks to lamalex, as I have used that guide countless times to get Feisty boxes running Beryl)

If you follow each step carefully (mostly copy/paste), I guarantee you’ll be going with desktop effects in no time!

Link: Complete Tut

Vmware Workstation Guide : How to Work with Virtual Machines

Vmware Workstation is one of the best softwares for virtualization.

Well to put it in simple word this is what you can do with it.

Downloaded a new linux distro and wanted to try how the installation works without messing with you orignal harddisk drive well look no further as vmware will help you do that.

Everything is stored in a vmware image file which can be there on any place on you harddrive.

Well still confused how this thing works , this tutorial will simplify everything.

Read Complete Guide Here

1.> NeoWin Forums

2.> Techenclave Forums

Linux Distros To Try

Linux Distros To Try

1.> Ubuntu’s upcoming 7.10 with Compiz Fusion

well nothing need to be told about this distro its the best.


2.> PC Linux OS 2007

This linux distro is a gr8 out of the box package but somehow didnt support my GPU Ati X800XL and my friend to had problems with his Nvida 7600GS so no Beryl and other 3D stuff.


These links might help enable 3D on PC Linux OS 2007

Link 1

Link 2

3.> Sabayon Linux

Another out 0f the box linux distro , try out there latest 3.4E Stable Release

3.4E :

3.4F :

4.> Linux Mint

Another out of the box linux distro


Compiz Fusion – Easy Install Method

Compiz Fusion – Easy Install Method

CF Installer-Updater will automatically install and update Compiz Fusion to its very latest version (from its gitweb).

Compiz Fusion ‘s files are sometimes changed even every hour so there is not possible to have the latest available files without compiling by yourself (.deb packages and repositories are always not up-to-date with the latest Compiz Fusion version (which between always fixes some problems and adds functionalities, so it is good to have the latest one) and this is normal because creating a new package every few hours that a new Compiz Fusion revision comes out would not be possible). With this tool you will have the freedom to choose when to update Compiz Fusion (the more frequently the better).

Note: It has been reported (and from personal experience too) that by following this way (either using my script or compiling by yourself) Compiz Fusion responses much better and it is way faster, comparing with installing it through repositories/.deb packages.

Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 rev.1

Downloads Archive (old versions and other versions that they no longer exist, as they have been merged), (between, only their latest revisions are available)

Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 Final
Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 Beta
Download CF Installer-Updater for Gnome Version 1 rev.6
Download CF Installer-Updater for KDE Version 1 rev.4
Download Installation Script Version 0.1
Download Installation Script (Alternative) Version 0.1
Download Update script Version 0.1

Running CF Installer-Updater
Just run
bash /path/to/file/
in terminal. After that, everything is explained and easily understood so you should not have any problems using it. If you however do have, feel free to post.

Source : CF Installer-Updater | QSoft

Forum Discussion Here: CF Installer-Updater –> Easily Install and Update Compiz Fusion – Ubuntu Forums
[u might get ur doubts cleared incase any via this ubuntu forum thread]

TechEnclave Link: Compiz Fusion – Easy Install Method

More Info On Compiz Fusion

Compiz Fusion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Updated – Compiz Fusion Guide on Ubuntu 7.04 – Ubuntu Forums

YouTube – Compiz Fusion: A Quick Demonstration

Spinning Particles Promise Unlimited Computing Power

Spinning Particles Promise Unlimited Computing Power

When engineers flick the switch to turn on the world’s fastest supercomputer later this year it will be capable of chewing its way through 1,000 trillion calculations every second. But this speedy number cruncher could soon look like the equivalent of a dusty abacus if scientists who have gathered in York deliver on their promises.

Nearly 150 of them have convened in the medieval town to explore the future of spintronics (spin-based electronics), an area that could have profound effects on areas as diverse as data storage, microelectronics and quantum computing. “With quantum computing you are able to attack some problems on the time scales of seconds, which might take an almost infinite amount of time with classical computers,” said Professor David Awschalom of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Source: – Spinning Particles Promise Unlimited Computing Power

Complete Article: BBC NEWS | Technology | Putting electronics in a spin

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