Compiz Fusion – Easy Install Method

CF Installer-Updater will automatically install and update Compiz Fusion to its very latest version (from its gitweb).

Compiz Fusion ‘s files are sometimes changed even every hour so there is not possible to have the latest available files without compiling by yourself (.deb packages and repositories are always not up-to-date with the latest Compiz Fusion version (which between always fixes some problems and adds functionalities, so it is good to have the latest one) and this is normal because creating a new package every few hours that a new Compiz Fusion revision comes out would not be possible). With this tool you will have the freedom to choose when to update Compiz Fusion (the more frequently the better).

Note: It has been reported (and from personal experience too) that by following this way (either using my script or compiling by yourself) Compiz Fusion responses much better and it is way faster, comparing with installing it through repositories/.deb packages.

Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 rev.1

Downloads Archive (old versions and other versions that they no longer exist, as they have been merged), (between, only their latest revisions are available)

Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 Final
Download CF Installer-Updater Version 2 Beta
Download CF Installer-Updater for Gnome Version 1 rev.6
Download CF Installer-Updater for KDE Version 1 rev.4
Download Installation Script Version 0.1
Download Installation Script (Alternative) Version 0.1
Download Update script Version 0.1

Running CF Installer-Updater
Just run
bash /path/to/file/
in terminal. After that, everything is explained and easily understood so you should not have any problems using it. If you however do have, feel free to post.

Source : CF Installer-Updater | QSoft

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