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October 2007

Team Fortess 2 Review

Team Fortress 2 Review

ShareKhan @ Forums has written a excellent review on one of the most

exciting multiplayer game to have hit the PC Gaming  Scenario.

TF2 is a  part of The Orange Box which contains 5 games

Half Life 2 , HL2 Episode 1 , HL2 Episode 2 , Portal , Team Fortess 2

In his review he describes all the characters there abilities , maps and  how  everything works.

Head here to read the complete review.


100 Apps, Tools & Guides for iPhone

Virtual has this excellent article for all the iPhone user which might be really helpful.
The iPhone Development Roundup: 100 Apps, Tools, and Guides
By Jessica Hupp

Whether you’re developing for the iPhone or just want to find more ways to play with your shiny new toy, there are loads of resources out there designed to help you out. From cool apps, to helpful tools, and easy to use guides, we’ve found 100 of the best. Read on to discover some of the most fun and useful developments for the iPhone.

Source: Read Full Article

Give Linux the Mac OSX Look

Give Linux the Mac OSX Look

Was surfing and came across this excellent guide , thought u might like it.

AqD @ Ubuntu Forums & Lauri Taimila have taken gr8 effort in explaining us how its done.




1.> Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications! – Ubuntu Forums
2.> Linux desktop imitating OSX | Lauri Taimila

Best Desktop Skinning Guides

These are some of the best desktop skinning guides that i have seen.

1.> A beginner’s guide to customization, skinning and shell replacements

2.> Turn your PC into a Mac

3.> The Skinning Primer – A comprehensive look at Windows customization

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