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NOTE: Before you read , this is with respect to Indian Market Only.

1.> GET PSP Slim only [any version dont worry]
Cost : Rs. 8.5~9K [I got for Rs. 8.5K]
[Dont worry about warranty as when u flash with ahem firmware the warranty is void]

2.> Get Original Seal packed Memory Stick [ONLY]
2GB – Rs. 2.3K , 4GB – Rs. 3.1K [Get normal or the M2 ones]
[These are the prices that i got might vary from place to place , just
take care that it’s seal packed and you get bill and warranty]
[Why seal packed? coz the fake ones keep corrupting the data and are useless on the PSP]

3.> Where to buy from [I know only about Mumbai]

There is
1. Alfa – Irla [Between Vile Parle and Andheri]
2. Croma
3. Ninja Traders
4. Origin Games – Inorbit Malls [Malad]

I got mine from Cell Point 4 Bunglows Andheri West.

Many shops have the PSP Slim.

4.> Those who say PSP Slim’s not arrived here give them a tight slap
[What more can i say , I stay in Mumbai and i got one here only in Mumbai]
[Even Croma Andheri had one but was out of stock and they told me to come in the evening but i got one from other shop the same day]

5.> PSP Downgrade Guide.
[Its complicated so ask some experienced guy to help you out or get ask if the store guys flashes it for you]
Those who can take risks heres the guide: Guide To PSP Downgrading
[Thanks spacescreamer]

Pandora’s Battery: Info Here
[Many ask what’s Pandora’s Battery]

6.> Identifying Original Memstick.
Insert the memstick in ur PSP and start ur PSP
Goto > Video > Memorycard > Press Triangle > click on information
If Magicgate = Supported is shown then its Original.
Anything other than supported is shown then its fake.
Eg. Magicgate = Unknown , then its fake 1000000%

7.> Get a Scratch Guard to protect the screen
Got mine for 400Rs [Cost varies from 350 to 500]

PSP vs PSP Slim


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