Hi Guys

Numerous Movies , TV Serials , Documentaries are released but sometimes
subtitles helps us better understand it.

Before i start listing the softwares , I would like to Thank OpenSubtitles.ORG
for making this thing possible , you guys rock.

So here are a few softwares which will do the work of automatically searching
and downloading the subtitle for you and saving it in the same folder.

I tried these apps and must say it rocks for sure.

1.> Oscar

Majky coded nice application in Delphi called OSCAR (OSDb client application – read more in blog), which uses OpenSubtitles.org site for downloading and uploading subtitles. For suggesting new features, reporting bugs, reading more info and so on, use OSCAR trac

OSCAR features:

  • quick and accurate search/download of subtitle files for your movies
  • upload subtitles to help out others in need
  • multi-language support of GUI (if you want translate OSCAR to your language, just contact us)
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • command-line parameters
  • proxy support
  • IMDb support
  • drag-n-drop support
  • and much more…

Link: OpenSubtitles.org // View topic – OSCAR G2V9

2.> Subdownloader

Subdownloader is a Free Open Source tool written in PYTHON for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) and DVD’s using fast hashing.

  • No spyware, no adware, source code is available
  • It uses fast hashing algorithm (27 GB movies/7 seconds)
  • Search subtitles recursively from your divx folders
  • Upload entire series seasons subtitles in less than 1 minute
  • Autodetect language of the subtitles and many more features

subdownloader – Google Code
OpenSubtitles.org // View topic – Subdownloader [1.2.9]

3.> Downloading subtitles using MPC

NOTE: For this method to work correctly download MPC from here

MPC Home Cinema [Latest]


MPC means Media Player Classic (download), it is a little old – latest release is dated to 2006-03-20, but that means nothing. It is still one of the best software players floating around. I will show you in this guide how to download perfectly matched subtitles without opening any website using OpenSubtitles.org ISDb protocol.

At the start of deciding which hash should be used for matching subtitles with movies, I checked, if there is no hash algo for this. I found in MPC, it supports downloading subtitles from website, so I contacted Gabest – coder of MPC. We changed some mails, he gave me access to download database, and I came to conclusion – OS should use this special hash – not the best one – but there were already some thousands of hashes submitted. Currently opensubtitles.org have more than 94.000 hashes.
Problem with MPC is, no subtitle database currently exists, so no one can use its unique features. I grabbed some MPC source codes, and programmed ISDb support. Let’s see how it works, it is really simple, and if you will setup MPC, you will (almost) never use “normal” searching anymore.

Step 1: Open MPC, press “O” – you will get options window

Step 2: Find Playback -> Output, change settings to VMR9 (renderless) or VMR7 (renderless) – if you will not change this, Download will be disabled!

Step 3: In options window set in Subtitles -> Database: “www.opensubtitles.org/isdb”, you can test it if you want

Step 4: Open some movie (drag and drop, CTRL+O), and click File-> Subtitle Database -> Download

Step 5: Select some subtitle in your language, click to Download & Open

Congratulations – you are watching movie with subtitles!

SOURCE : blog.OpenSubtitles.org » Downloading subtitles using MPC


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Enjoy. 🙂

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