ArtistX 0.4 – Live DVD for Audio , Video & 2D/3D Graphics Software 

Marco Ghirlanda has announced the release of ArtistX 0.4, a Debian-based live DVD with a collection of audio, video and 2D/3D graphics software:

It comes in two flavours (GNOME and KDE) and both include the Powua client and Powua tutorials.

Powua is the Super Internet Computer and has been created to speed up CPU intensive tasks.

For example you can realize an animation with Blender and directly from ArtistX upload and render it on Powua (more info on the Powua Wiki and in the DVD).

ArtistX is based on the Debian Live initiative and includes

  • 2.6.22 kernel
  • GNOME 2.20
  • KDE 3.5.7
  • Includes about 2,500 free multimedia software

Nearly everything that exists for the GNU/Linux environment.

Visit the project’s home page to read the full release announcement.

Download: artistx_0.4_gnome…iso (3,160MB, MD5, torrent),artistx_0.4_kde…iso (3,093MB, MD5, torrent).