Compare Any Linux OS with other Linux OS

Many times we feel the need to decide which linux distro to choose and
in the end we try each distro and then finalize on one. has provided us with a excellent feature to compare any
to popular linux distro’s on there website.

Points on which comparison is done are

  • Random screenshot
  • Supported architectures
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Software freedom status


  • Installer – overall
  • Package selection
  • Predefined package groups
  • Expert mode install
  • Graphical installer
  • Installer speed


  • Graphical system management
  • Console-based system management

Package Management

  • Number of packages
  • Package management, automatic dependency resolving
  • Graphical package management tools


  • System boot-up speed
  • System responsiveness


  • Popularity
  • Security focus
  • Does the installer support multiple languages?
  • Is the system localized after installation?
  • Is manual system localization easy?
  • Support for restricted formats
  • Sagem DSL modem support
  • Alcatel DSL modem support
  • Wireless support
  • Stability and maturity

Head Here to compare your favorite Linux Distro