Michael Creel has announced the release of ParallelKnoppix 2.8,

KNOPPIX-based live CD that allows setting up a cluster of machines for parallel processing using the LAM-MPI and/or MPICH implementations of MPI:

ParallelKnoppix v2.8 released.

What’s new?

v2.8 (64-bit only, use v2.7.1 for 32 -it CPUs)

/home and /root are NFS exported, which makes it possible to add users

Advanced users can mount a storage device at /home, for increased space and to save work between sessions.

Linux kernel
Open MPI 1.2.4
Octave 2.9.14
SciPy 0.60
Parallel Python 2.5rc
KDE 3.5.8
Cloop 2.0622 (thanks Klaus Knopper)
Aufs cvs 17-10-07

Visit the project’s home page to read the brief announcement and changelog.

Download the CD image via BitTorrent: parallelknoppix64-2.8.iso (674MB).