Superczar @ Techenclave has written an excellent article on how to build a low cost linux home server.

This is what superczar has to say about Linux Home Server.

Do I need a home server you ask?
Do any of the situations below sound familiar?

  • You have 2 or more computers at home with files fragmented between them and multiple copies of multiple files (music/movies/docs) spread all over the place?
  • You are a compulsive downloader and have accounts to multiple private trackers. Your primary beast machine runs 24X7 guzzling power and dissipating heat only to use like 0.1% of its processing capabilities while downloading
  • You have often felt the need to gain access to some of the files at your home while visiting friends/colleagues. Like, ” Oh, I wish I could show you the pics I took in the last office party…If only I had remembered to carry them in my pen-drive”
  • You are at office and someone is raving about a new album and you wish you could hear it the moment you hit home
  • you are stuck in a traffic jam and realize you forgot to start that all important DivX to mp4 conversion for a bunch of videos

If the answers to any of the above is yes , you need a home server

Read Complete Guide : Here

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