Get an Ageia PhysX card and you too could be bouncing boxes around in no time!

Ageia has walked a rocky road this last year and attempts to bring hardware accelerated physics to the masses have been met with very mixed responses. First there was CellFactor: Revolution , and it was followed by Unreal Tournament 3.

Next in the line-up of new PhysX games is Warmonger, a free multiplayer FPS.
The game has been developed over the last few months by NetDevil and can be downloaded for free at the official website, though you will need an Ageia PhysX card to run it.

System Requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6400 (2MB L2 Cache,2.13GHz,1066) or equivalent
GPU: Nvidia 7900 graphics card or equivalent
PPU: PhysX 100 Series Processor strongly recommended, with system software 7.11.13 or later
HD: 1.8GB of available space