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  • Nehalem-EX, codenamed Beckton, will have eight cores but supports 16 threads because HyperThreading makes a return. Each pair of cores will have an amount of shared cache between them, then there will be a mahoosive 24MB of shared cache between them all – basically a Stoakley platform on single chip.

    The EX is designed for a multi-processor environment so this has QPI, or Quick Path Interconnect–Intel’s alternative to HyperTransport–with four links at 4.8 or 6.4Gbps and an FB-DIMM2 quad-channel memory controller. All this is under the envelope of varying TDPs of 90W, 105W and 130W and the chips use a new LGA socket with 1567 pins, Socket-LS.

  • Quad-core, dual-socket (DP) Nehalem-EP, codenamed Gainestown will also have HyperThreading and 8MB of cache, triple channel DDR3 and two QPI links bundled in either 60, 80 or 130W TDP. It’ll also have a new LGA socket, but this time with 1366 pins.
  • The quad-core, “extreme” performance CPU codenamed Bloomfield, will be identical to the DP parts above, but will be single socket only and have a single QPI link. This will also be on socket LGA1366. It is suggested to have a 270mm² die size, about the same as current Kentsfield’s 65nm 286mm² die, but it’ll have nearly 150m more transistors at 731m.
  • Quad-core, performance mainstream CPUs codenamed Lynnfield and Clarkfield, will have a lower clock and lower TDPs of 90W for desktop and 45/55W for mobile. A more normal dual-channel DDR3 is included here with the integrated memory controller, but instead of a QPI link it will include a PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slot and DMI link to a southbridge instead. It’ll have a different socket, again – this time it’s called LGA1160.
  • Dual-core chips will still be around next year, with new cores codenamed Havendale and Auburndale – these have HyperThreading, come with 4MB of shared cache and in addition to the integrated memory controller they have a graphics core that’s talked to via an internal QPI. The memory controller is dual-channel DDR3, with a TDP of 35-45W for mobile and under 95W for desktop. Additionally, it will have a PCI-Express 2.0 x16 graphics lane included. Like above, it features an LGA1160 socket.

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