Wireless keyboards and mice are becoming an increasingly common sight on desks. However, wireless hardware carries large hidden risks. Swiss IT security company Dreamlab Technologies AG has shown that it is possible to capture and decrypt keystrokes, meaning that user names, passwords, bank detailsor confidential correspondence can be very easily eavesdropped.

Although the trend in wireless communication in peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice is moving towards Bluetooth, market leaders such as Logitech and Microsoft rely on cost-efficient, tried-and-tested 27 MHz radio technology. Using just a simple radio receiver, a soundcard and suitable software, Dreamlab Technologies has managed to tap and decode the radio frequencies transmitted between the keyboard and
PC/notebook computer. Although manufacturers of wireless keyboards partially prevent data from being tapped by using cryptography, unfortunately the encryption is weak and thus does not offer real protection.

Max Moser from Dreamlab Technologies states:

“Wireless communication is only as secure as the encryption technology used. Due to its nature, it can be tapped with little effort.”

Source : MSFN