• Yamb is the acronym of Yet Another Mp4Box UI. In other words, this is a new graphical interface for mp4box using, a tool based on command lines which is a part of GPAC Framework. This GUI is mainly dedicated to Windows OS.

A graphical user interface for MP4Box, allowing to you create MP4 compliant files from a large range of supported files (AVI, H263/H264). Also does cutting and joining for MP4/M4A/M4V files.

• Yamb
is able to create, split and join mp4 or 3gp files containing principally
– video streams with m4v, cmp, h264, 264, h263, 263 as input format or from avi, mpg, mpeg, vob, mp4, mov, ogg, qcp and 3gp files.
– audio streams with aac, amr, awb, evc, mp3, msv, vorbis as input format or from avi, mpg, mpeg, vob (mp2 only), mp4 and 3gp files.
– subtitles with srt (SubRip), ttxt (GPAC), sub (MicroDVD), idx/sub (VobSub) and xml (QuickTime TeXML) as input formats.
– chapters from text format (OGM or GPAC).

• Yamb can also extract some streams. In this case, this GUI is able to recover – a Video or Audio stream from avi files.
– a stream or an Audio/Vidéo track in a raw format.
– a stream or an Audio/Vidéo track in a new mp4 file.
– a visual track in avi file.
– subtitles as srt or ttxt output format.
– chapters as OGM text format.

Yamb can retrieve some informations about different streams especially for mp4, m4v, mov, cmp, ogg, qcp and 3gp files. You can get this whether by a global way or for each tracks available.
Yamb is also able to convert srt to ttxt subtitles format or ttxt to srt.
Yamb has some other additional settings concerning language, tracks names, Pixels Aspect Ratio, etc…
Yamb supports Unicode/UTF-8 completely.
Yamb supports also tagging with mp4tags from mpeg4ip tools and AtomicParsley a very complete tagger dedicated to iTunes.

Input Files: AVI, MP4
Output Files: AVI, MP4

Download : Here