iPhone-2.jpg According to the experts doing research for Goldman Sachs, the second-generation iPhone is just about ready and will be coming out with two revisions. Apparently the iPhone2 is currently in the “final design phase,” and will “have a similar form factor as the current version although it could have a different look and will probably include 3G capability.” Analysts also believe that the next-gen phone will launch sometime during the second half of 2008. They also believe that Apple will tie over consumers with “a smaller upgrade with more flash memory earlier in the year.”

The trade analysts also believe that Apple will be making changes to Apple TV and will release the updated version sometime in the second half of 2008; which could include an LCD display. “Apple will refresh its entire Mac line-up throughout 2008, but information about the potential launch of a subnotebook was scarce, with one supplier saying that the product may be pushed out, citing possible design issues.”

Source : newlaunches