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Aston2 Menu is a feature-rich Windows start menu replacement with the enhanced functionality. All Aston2 Menu elements are skinnable and can be animated, which makes it yet more attractive. It can be populated with many useful widgets like Clock, Calendar, Recycle bin, Disks, Search, Toplist, Weather and others.

Aston2 Menu provides fast and convenient search for the files on the local disks and for the information in the Internet. The menu is extremely flexible in terms of configuration.

Aston2 product line includes three basic products:
– Aston2 Menu
– Aston2 Panels
– Aston2 Desktop

Aston2 Menu features:
* Themes and skins support
* Widgets and plug-ins support
* Fast and convenient search
* Every element of the menu can be tweaked and customized
* Animation support
* Drag’n’Drop operations support, user friendly interface
* And many more..

What’s new in this version:
– Skin Wizard
– Improved old and completely new skins.
– Enhanced search algorythm. Now you can search for files using a wildcard.
– Previews in skins
– Hotkeys for the Menu call
– Tooltips for the Top List and Search widgets
– Several fixed bugs

More screenshots:

IPB Image IPB Image

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