The universal CustoPacks created with the BricoPack system by Bricomix, allow to install a pack on any version of Windows XP (32 bits), whatever the language !

Made according to the Icons Element by Pantoni, this new pack will modify the appareance of WindowsX.

Elements Suite modify WindowsXP in-depth, change pictures, icons, animations and the logon screen.

Elements Suite includes the Visual Style Foton theme created by OmArt et Matt0, and the wallpaper “Jaguar blue”

by ninio1985.

Elements Suite also includes some optional softwares to make your PC more functional et nicer.

IColor Folder by our friend Kemenaran, small application which change the folder’s color !
LClock by RCube, a clock which replace your taskbar one by a Longhorn-like.
RocketDock: Dock by the Punk! Software team.
ÜberIcon by the Punk! Software team : a small software which adds some effects on your icons when

double-clicking on (very sweet result).
Yz’Shadow by M.Yamaguchi: software which adds shadow on your windows.

Elements Suite is compatible with all languages and versions of WindowsXP, excepted XP 64 (X64).

Download : Here

: Screenshots :

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image