This minimod unlocks all DX10 graphics features in Crysis 1.1, even if you have DX9 hardware and a DX9 OS like Windows XP. You heard right, this mini-mod unlocks all dx10 graphical features even if you have DX9 Hardware (ati 1950, nvidia 7900…) and an DX9 OS (windows xp…). All you have to do is switch every option in teh advanced graphics menu to high! Thats all!


Copy the extracted folder named ” CVarGroups ” and ovewrite all original files that should be in: c: Program Files, Electronic Arts, Crytek, Crysis, Game, Config, CVarGroups

With the new files from the download. Then Start the Game and make sure that all advanced graphic settings are on HIGH!!

Download : Filefront
Screenshot : Here
View : Full DX10 effect in Crysis using DX9 rendering path
Link : ModDb