This howto is for users and admins of PHP/MySQL web applications who are looking for a way to monitor the data from these applications. This howto is not geared specificially to monitoring the system resource usage of the web server and database, although that is one piece of the puzzle. Instead, the focus of this howto is using Hyperic HQ’s SQL Query plugin to monitor the data contained within the backing database, in this case the number of posts, comments and users from a WordPress blog deployment. Then, we will view this data in the context of system resource usage, to help admins correlate the information from the WordPress plugin we’re about to create with whatever other data they’re monitoring from that system.

This howto assumes that you are at least familiar with Hyperic HQ. For more information on how to install the HQ monitoring system, see Also, note that this was created with Hyperic HQ 3.2 Beta 4, but the process is very similar for HQ 3.1.x.

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