Autotext clipboard utility

PhraseExpress organizes your frequently used text snippets and allows pasting them into any application.

  • Expand abbreviations and common phrases as you type
  • Launch applications by entering text shortcuts
  • Autocomplete phrases with the predictive text recognition
  • Quickly handle email responses

Free for personal use.

Eliminate repetitive typing

Do you find yourself typing common phrases over and over again?

PhraseExpress saves you countless keystrokes and expands custom abbreviations into frequently used text snippets. Typing ‘btw’ expands into ‘by the way’ or typing ‘excel’ can open your spreadsheet program in a snap.

Watch the video demo

PhraseExpress listens to You

The unique text prediction feature automatically recognizes repetitive phrases and autocomplete them on demand.

PhraseExpress increases your productivity straight out-of-the-box and does not require you to tediously define phrases and their corresponding abbreviations by hand like in any other text snippet utilities.

Spelling correction

PhraseExpress automatically common misspellings while you type.

Ever missed a spelling correction feature in your web browser or messenger program? PhraseExpress works everywhere! It can import your existing MS Word AutoCorrect entries for use in any application, not just in Word or Outlook.

Consistent communication

PhraseExpress is used in large scale organizations with thousands of users who can share common letter templates for customer communication. This helps to maintain a consistent and friendly corporate identity. Legal departments have quick access to pre-defined boilerplate contract documents and medical staff can render diagnostic reports with ease.

The user interface can be constricted to eliminate operating errors and to minimize cost for user training.

RSI syndrome prevention

PhraseExpress reduces the risk of suffering the repetitive strain injury as it helps to significantly reduce use of the keyboard.