slimKEYS is a hotkey manager with a plug-in system that lets you perform an infinite number of actions simply by pressing system-wide hotkeys. It already comes with multiple built-in plug-ins:

  • slimLAUNCH: Type a few letters to open applications, documents, passwords or posts.
  • slimSIZE: Resize and move windows to any location or monitor.
  • slimSEARCH: Search on popular search engines or any other site of your choice.
  • slimVOLUME: Change and display the volume level with TV-like bars.
  • slimGRAB: Capture screens, windows, child windows or any area.
  • slimSMOKE (NEW!): Dim out the whole desktop except the active application’s window.

We are particularly interested to know what you think about the new slimSMOKE plug-in, which helps you quickly see what window has the focus. Never again will you start typing in the wrong window. Give it a try and drop us a line!

Download : slimKEYS 1.2.8069 (Shareware, 20$)
Screenshots : slimSMOKE | slimSIZE | slimLAUNCH | slimSEARCH | slimVOLUME
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