The successor to BIOS firmware interface has just found its place in Micro Star International’s latest mainboard. The EFINITY is MSI’s first EFI BIOS based mainboard. Wondering what is EFI? EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) is intended to replace the legacy BIOS firmware interface used by modern PCs. It offers a new and more flexible interface that supports colorful graphical interfaces, multiple languages and has mouse support. EFI also supports LAN, pre-OS applications such as live update, games, instant messenger, media player and a browser. Microsoft will add EFI support to the x64 versions of Windows Vista with Service Pack 1.

What is EFI BIOS?
The Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. EFI is intended as a significantly improved replacement of the old legacy BIOS firmware interface historically used by all IBM PC compatible personal computers. The EFI specification was originally developed by Intel, and is now managed by the Unified EFI Forum and is officially known as Unified EFI (UEFI).

Benefit of EFI BIOS
• Supports graphical menus and features
• Supports mouse-controlled interface
• Supports pre-OS applications, file oriented
(ex: System recovery, games, media player, Internet browser, etc.)
• Supports LAN activating environment
• Supports multi-language
• UEFI support for x64 versions of Windows Vista are included in a Service Pack 1

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