Steganos LockNote will change the way you work with confidential notes. Application and document in one: the mechanism to encrypt and decrypt a note is part of it. Secure, simple, independent. No installation required.

System requirements : Windows 2000, Windows XP or better

Why use Steganos LockNote?

  • Store your most valuable notes as a LockNote
    Hide your serial numbers, passwords, phone numbers and everyday notes in a safe place. Your informations will be encrypted using a password and most modern AES 256bit encryption technology.
  • Secure, yet simple
    Just double-click a LockNote and enter your password to access your text files as usual.
  • No installation required
    Move LockNotes wherever you want, as often as you want. A LockNote document does not require much more hard drive space than an unencrypted document.
  • Encrypt existing text files in no time at all
    Simply drag and drop existing text files on a LockNote window: they will be encrypted automatically.
  • Open and free
    LockNote is open source and is based upon open source technologies, e.g. the certified CryptoPP program library for strong encryption.

Download Steganos LockNote for free!