The free Safe for your private data. With password generator and Steganos PicPass.

The free Safe for your private data. Create two Safes – each with a capacity of one GB: for photos, documents, music… whatever you want to protect. It just takes a few clicks to create your secure Data Safes. The integrated password generator helps you creating highly secure passwords. Bad memory? No problem. Just use a USB stick, your iPod©, an activeSync-capable cell phone or even a digicam as key. Alternatively open your Safes by using a sequence of pictures with Steganos PicPass – perfect for users with a strong visual memory.

Encrypt your data with the Steganos Safe One, because:

  • Everybody with access to your computer can access all your private data as well.
  • In case you forget your laptop somewhere, as much honest as dishonest finders will probably have a peek.
  • Co-users of your computer open some of your private files – of course purely by accident.

Steganos Safe One makes encrypting your data a piece of cake:

  • Create two Safes with 1 GB capacity each for your most important private data: documents, photos, music…
  • Save your passwords on your iPod©, USB-Stick, mobile phone or digital camera: Simply connect it, and the corresponding Safes will open automatically. Of course you still have the option to open your Safe manually.
  • For clients with good visual memory: with Steganos PicPass, you open your Safe with a picture sequence.
  • Encrypt your private data using the worldwide renowned Advanced Encryption Algorithm AES with 256 Bits.
Download the Steganos Safe One for FREE!

Version 10.0 (16,4 MB)