iphone.jpg Partners in crime Google and Dell are apparently constructing an iPhone rival. Word is that they will reveal the plans at the 3GSM telecoms conference in Barcelona next month. As usual, no one is opening their mouths for clarifications, and Google insiders deny an announcement is due in the near future. In any case the Gphone rumors have not died although the Android has been announced instead. Android, which will be available this year, will bring all of Google’s online services to mobile users. Presently mobile phones use an assortment of operating systems to hook onto the net, including systems from Microsoft and London-based Symbian. Dell is also planning on venturing into the mobile phone arena; they even poached Motorola executive Ron Garriques to run its new global consumer group.

Dell currently also produces personal digital assistants and strategy analytics director Neil Mawston says: “It makes sense for Dell to have a high-profile entry back into the market because its last effort with PDAs pretty much flopped.”

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