PlayTV lets you watch and record live telly on your Sony hub and take it with you on your PSP.

Consoles can’t be just consoles these days. No sirree. If it can’t do telly, browse the web and take care of our ironing, we’re not interested.

Which is why we’re loving PlayTV. This nifty little device turns your PS3 into a full on DVR, letting you watch lovely freeview, slap shows onto your hard drive and take them with you thanks to your PSP.

It’s a breeze to set up. All you need to do is shove the box into your aerial and then your PS3. Make sure you’ve wired up your massive telly and you’re away.

You can pause, rewind and replay live TV, Sky Plus style, and record one show while you’re watching another.

Once you’ve snaffled them, you can go through your library, check out a fifteen second clip to see if it’s what you want and then hit play.

Best of all, you can use Remote Play to access anything you’ve recorded and watch it on your PSP. Wherever you are, not just in some local hotspot.

Sadly, they won’t tell us when or how much. Which is, as you can imagine, a right pain. Still, when we know, you will too.

Source : T3