Just over a year ago or an eon when we’re talking computer technology, NVIDIA® introduced the beginning of what might well be the longest running series of graphics solutions in history; the 8800. Initially the 8800 GTX reference card took center stage in November of 2006 and totally rocked the gaming world by being the fastest card the world had seen up until this time. In what most would call brilliant business strategy NVIDIA® then began to fill in the void created beneath the 8800 GTX with many different iterations of both lesser and overclocked cards all then based on their 90nm fabrication process also termed the G80.

Almost a year later when rumors were abounding about an even faster series of graphics solutions in the offing, NVIDIA® again came through. This time it wasn’t a new series of cards, but a die shrink of their 90nm wonder to 65nm and a new moniker, the G92. If you are like us at Bjorn3D, you are in awe of the sheer number of different graphics solutions that have been created from one MCP/VPU and its substantive variants. There is most certainly a solution available for any consumer’s needs. The only real problem is trying to keep up with all the model numbers as many of them have been used with both the G80 and G92 versions. Alas, we’re a consumer enthusiast site and we’re not focusing our attention on anything but the fastest and best in show.

With all of this being said, today we have the distinct pleasure of reviewing NVIDIA’s most current work of art, the G92 version of their 8800GTS. Take this already fast graphics card and put it in the hands of ASUS, who is known for taking the best and making it even better and you have the product we will be reviewing, the Asus® GeForce® EN8800GTS TOP.

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