Tired of using Windows Blinds and what not?? Introducing a new shell “Cairo“. With Cairo you can transform your desktop from the normal Windows user-interface to a very eye catching look. According to Cairo, the stability, funtionality & stability are their priorities.. and it gives users a productive and easy to use shell that advances current technology standards.

Welcome to the Revolution.



* Easily access all your files and applications with Cairo’s revolutionary Start replacement.
* Easily organize your workload by desktop and move applications from one to the other.
* Easily find files and folders. Preview documents, music, or images with one click.
* Browse files and folder right from your desktop. Easily move back and forth between locations.
* Group file types into virtual file stacks to easily locate files. Group applications together to easily switch between tasks.
* Cairo’s unique plugin system gives you only the options you want. Use the easy configuration options to add and remove features.
* Cairo is designed from the ground up to be elegant, reliable, and fast.
* Cairo makes it easy to launch applications you use frequently while hiding ones you don’t.

Cairo also have a Download Section where you can download amazing wallpapers, Icon Logos, Text Logos, Elements PSD files etc.. thus giving / enhancing your productivity.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s still in the development stages but The alpha will be available soon.

Source : Cairo

Link : Anewmorning