Some shoppers who have decided to upgrade from their current 4 or 8GB iPhones to the 16GB model are experiencing problems, anecdotes indicate. Although users should be able to insert their old SIM card into the new phone, and resume calling after identifying themselves as an existing AT&T customer, confusion reigns over whether or not the new phone automatically adds another two years to a person’s AT&T contract. While some people have claimed no extension whatsoever, others have been angered to discover an extra obligation.Part of the confusion may be attributable to the employees of Apple Stores and AT&T, some of whom are delivering contradictory messages on whether a contract extension is required; it may in a few instances be possible to negotiate no added contract length. A few users, though, are reporting trouble using their old SIM cards at all, in which case Apple is asking people to simply use the new card, and once again identify themselves as an existing customer.

Source : MacNN