Plextor has announced two new optical devices and the focus is on the two next generation optical formats HD DVD and Blu-ray. Both are combo devices that support not only DVD and CD but also both of the HD formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray. Plextor PX-B300SA is the base model that reads BD-ROM at 6x and HD DVD-ROM at 3x speed. It can also write to DVD and CD media, but if you want to write to the HD formats you have to go for the high-end model.
Although we have hope that the format war is shuddering to a close, it’s probably still wise to hedge your bets just a little — and Plextor’s got you covered with two new SATA Blu-ray / HD DVD combo drives.
The new PX-B920SA writes to BD-R at 4x speeds, DVDs at 16x, and CD-Rs at 40x, and reads HD DVD, while the lower-end PX-B300SA drops the BD-R capabilities and just writes to DVD and CD. Plextor says both drives will be available at the end of the month, but sadly we don’t have any pricing information.