“We work closely with Nokia and we would love to have them go all the way,” he said. “It’s something we talk about all the time.” Says Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director John Starkweather as he confirmed reports that talks were taking place with Nokia but would not confirm when any announcement would be made. Microsoft seems to be feeling the heat in the mobile OS arena as almost 70% of the market is dominated by the Symbian OS. Windows Mobile currently only has just over 6% of the smartphone operating system market, mainly due to the smartphone manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung that have released Windows Mobile based handsets offering similar features to the Apple iPhone which runs a mobile version of Mac OS X.

Starkweather said the existing relationship between the two companies was strong and he was enthusiastic about it developing further in the future. It worries me a bit cuz I don’t anticipate the blue screen of death on my Nokia phones.

Source : ubergizmo