Some time ago Microsoft and Toshiba both had dreams of making the Gigabeat a rage. However we all know now that the Zune isn’t a Toshiba product. Regardless Toshiba has furthered its product line up with enhancements to their Gigabeat U-, V-, and T-series of audio and video players.

The V81 doubles the flash of its V41 to 8GB while tweaking the 1Seg recording capabilities priced at around ¥34,800 (about $327).

The U407 and U408 are just 4GB updates to their 1GB/2GB sibs while sporting an enhanced GUI priced for around ¥15,800 (about $149).

The T802 (pictured) then, is just a T401 with double the flash (8GB) priced at about ¥29,800 ($280)

The new deal to make the wildly popular (in Japan) GyaO video service available for download from NTT hotspots around Japan, the Japanese rough-equivalent of the domestic iPod, Starbucks, T-Mobile, and iTunes mash up.

Source : engadget