This one is for those who take things a little too literally. The speaker is shaped like a rock and doesn’t have cables to give away your secret. The speaker system wirelessly recieves audio feeds from a transmitter. Now that’s rocking, isn’t it? The transmitter transmits data at 900 MHz frequency. The speaker can recieve audio streams when placed at a maximum distance of up to 150′ away from the transmitting device. This can be well camouflaged with real rocks. So if you are planning an outdoor party in a rock garden, you know how to please your guests. It is made to be tough and is weather-proof. So that you don’t need to bury it under plastics during a rain party, It comes with 2 channel selection and also has a 5.25 PP cone, a Woofer2 Mylar cone and a Tweeter20 Watt RMS Output15V DC Transformer. The sound is clear, thanks to the Phase Loop Lock circuitry.

$128 isn’t too much to pay for something so cool and strong. Don’t agree? It’s wireless, remember?

Source : Gizmodude