The Teleport 2.0 is a device designed for storing phone call records on computer and registering incoming and outgoing calls. It is compatible with any telephone set and can operate via Paliha-Teleport computer program (for Windows).

The Teleport 2.0 costs around $72

The key features include :

  • call record system (incoming and outgoing calls)
  • storage of dialed and incoming calls numbers
  • outgoing calls registration in tone dialing and pulse modes
  • caller ID in Russian and American standards
  • call signal computer backup
  • displaying caller image and name – setting a tune as call signal
  • expanded phone book
  • dialing numbers stored in archive or phone book with automatic redialing
  • contact number interchange with office application
  • sending a list of calls to office application
  • information backup storageĀ 

Source : NewLaunches