Asus has released the ASUS DVD-E818A2/A2T series of optical drives that supports 5X DVD-RW DL and comes with built-in advanced ASUS exclusive technologies that provides quieter, more stable and higher performance multimedia environment. <!– ch_client = “newlaunches”; ch_width = 468; ch_height = 60; ch_color_title = “#0066CC”; ch_color_text = “#000000”; ch_non_contextual = 1; ch_default_category = “20001”; ch_sid = “PCLaunches_468x60_Middle”; var ch_queries = new Array (“ASUS announces dual layer DVD burner that supports 5X DVD-RW DL”); var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length)); if ( ch_selected

New Industry Format 5X DVD-RW (DL) Support
The ASUS DVD-E818A2 and ASUS DVD-E818A2T provide leading-edge multimedia experiences with the ability to read 5X DVD-RW DL – the brand new industry format. With this support, users will be able to view high quality videos directly burnt into DVDs from camcorders and obtain fabulous playback capacities. It also allows users to access all CDs, DVD-ROM/DVD±R/ DVD±RW/DVD-RAM and DVD-Video discs.

Multi-functional and Fast Data Transfers
The ASUS DVD-E818A2/A2T optical drives are designed to provide users with versatile and fast data transfer speeds with DVD-ROM max data transfer rates of 24930 KB/s (18X), and CD-ROM max data transfer rates of 7200 KB/s (48X). Access times are also shortened with fast random access times for DVD access at 105 ms versus typical 95 ms CD access times.

Source : PCLaunches