Looks like there’s no stopping for MSI on the “green” products front. The latest in their environment friendly initiative is a green concept notebook computer PR620, affectionately dubbed Anion Notebook. The MSI “Green Design” notebook features the release of high concentration anions for cleaning and purifying the air. So even when you are confined to a small area, you can still enjoy the benefits of clean air anywhere. Using the latest in technology, the MSI Anion Notebook Computer can release up to five hundred and fifty thousand ions/cc (50 cm from the air vent), which is more than if you were right next to mountains and beaches. It can also contain concentrated ozone lower than 0.02ppm. 

The notebook absorbs dust particles in the air to prevent inhaling into human body, eliminating all possible contact to disease. The PR620 also eliminate toxic gases in the air, destroying the “Silent Assisin”. According to the firm, the Anion removes all offensive and foreign smell in the air to bettering the living condition. Smoker-Free Quickly function eliminate all smog, dust, and second cigarette smoke in the air.

Source : PCLaunches