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X-Play [G4TV] has come up with a video review of the most anticipated GTA Series Game ever made.

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Grand Theft Auto IV: Social Interaction

GTA IV: Slip The Cops » Forgot to pay the toll? Give the cops the slip!
GTA IV: Shootout » Grenades come in handy in a shootout with the police.
GTA IV: Police Chase » Piss off the cops and get into a high speed chase.
GTA IV: Helicopter » Take a high-flying tour of Liberty City
GTA IV: Causing Chaos » It’s really easy to cause some chaos on the streets of Liberty City.
GTA IV: Carjacking » Check out some different ways to jack cars in ‘GTA IV’

Grand Theft Auto IV Video @ Gametrailers.com


Strip Club Gameplay
I heard the buffalo wings are really good.

Four-Minute Chase Gameplay
Four minutes of raw gameplay with minimal cuts–just the art of the chase.

Choice Cuts Gameplay
A highlight reel of some time spent in Liberty City.

Refund Gameplay
Demand a refund if you are not fully satisfied with your service.

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