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Desktop Enhancements

shedko Badges 1.5 – unique way to identify folders

Imagine a program, which will forever change your notion of desktop icons. A program, which in a blink of an eye will assist you in searching lost files or imperceptible folders. A program, so simple and clear to use, and in the same time functional and innovative.

Shedko Software in association with Va-deam’s Lab presents "Badges".

Badges – the program, allowing placing handy emblems upon familiar Windows icons. From now there is no need to invent sophisticated file names, to drag icons to different corners of the screen or to seek new ico-files for having fast access to a folder with recent projects or with latest images. Place a badge on the desired icon and you will notice it immediately!

10 different kinds of badges, each represents its own semantic category: certified, cool, danger, delete, distinguished, favourite, important, new, personal and web. This will satisfy even exacting users. The quantity of the placed badges is unlimited.’

Key Features:

· Custom themes support. Badges uses special format SBZ as themes. These files are automatically associated with the program and are fully-processed (intuitive drag’n’drop). Want to create your own theme? You are welcome! Check out the "Badges Icon Design Guidelines", delivered in English and Russian languages.


· Seamless integration with Windows Explorer and core services. Badges adds handy items both to contextual menus and also to the file/folder properties tab. You can use simultaneously both options, but there is an opportunity to turn off unwanted one.

· Interaction with all Windows applications. If you place a badge upon a file, it can be seen not only in Explorer. Your badge will be shown in any "Open, "Save" etc. dialogue window.

· Exquisite design. Badges can brag of the refined interface and corporate identity by Va-deam’s Lab. The style will not disappoint both Vista Aero fans and Mac OS X Aqua adherents. The "Mellow" badges theme was specially created and is exclusively distributed with Badges. Mellow features bright colors, glass shine, clear lines and contrast. It looks brilliant at any size.

· Convenient manager for maintenance and control over all the badges you placed. If you put a lot of badges and moreover in various places, and then want to remove them, the built-in manager will come to the help! Use fully functional sorting for comfort display of the library and removal of unwanted badges.

· Unlike other programs, which operate with icons, Badges can place a badge even on removable disks, hard disks and network drives! Any badge can be shown even in the system tray if your storage device appears to be full.

Download : Here

Themes : Here

Create Your Own Themes : Here


Desktop Effects – Add Special Effect to your desktop

Desktop Effects is an application that adds special effects to your desktop. Forget the old boring and static wallpaper! Show a dynamic photo slideshow on your desktop, or just use it to scribble notes.

  • Now Experimentally Supports Windows XP!
  • Added Vista x64 binaries – you will need to manually regsvr32 all of the DLLs


  • Now Experimentally Supports Windows XP!
  • Windows Vista with Windows Aero (must be running)
  • A sufficient graphic card – most Aero capable cards will do, except for some onboard cards.

Screenshot of the Fire effect

A fire effect that follows the mouse.

Screenshot of the Snow effect

Snow flakes falling on the desktop.

Screenshot of the Snow effect

WMV Video with some small examples of Ave Desktop Effect’s running


Right-click on an empty space of your desktop and choose the `Configure Desktop Effects’ item.

Screenshot of the Desktop Effects menu entry


After accessing the configuration menu through a right-click on the desktop, you will be able to pick any of the installed effects:

Screenshot of the Desktop Effects configuration dialog

Select `Default Wallpaper’ for no effect. The individual effects can configured by double-clicking on them or by selecting them and then clicking on the `Configure’ button.


A preview version of Desktop Effects can be downloaded, that will expire on February 14, 2008.

Make sure you have the following packages installed:

Download InstallerImportant: this version will expire on February 14, 2008

Download 64-bit filesImportant: this version will expire on February 14, 2008 (you will need to regsvr32 all DLLs yourself)

Taskbar Shuffle – Shuffle , Group Application/Systray Buttons

No hotkeys, no extra steps, just rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by dragging and dropping them. Allows you to rearrange your system tray icons by dragging and dropping as well (but that does require a hotkey).

No need to get all nervous when an application crashes or if you need to reboot; you can reorder your programs exactly as they were anytime by just dragging and dropping them directly within your Windows taskbar!

Download : Link

NOTE : Grouping is not enabled by default , you have to enable it.

Grouped items can be closed with a single middle mouse button click.

Aston2 Menu

IPB Image

Aston2 Menu is a feature-rich Windows start menu replacement with the enhanced functionality. All Aston2 Menu elements are skinnable and can be animated, which makes it yet more attractive. It can be populated with many useful widgets like Clock, Calendar, Recycle bin, Disks, Search, Toplist, Weather and others.

Aston2 Menu provides fast and convenient search for the files on the local disks and for the information in the Internet. The menu is extremely flexible in terms of configuration.

Aston2 product line includes three basic products:
– Aston2 Menu
– Aston2 Panels
– Aston2 Desktop

Aston2 Menu features:
* Themes and skins support
* Widgets and plug-ins support
* Fast and convenient search
* Every element of the menu can be tweaked and customized
* Animation support
* Drag’n’Drop operations support, user friendly interface
* And many more..

What’s new in this version:
– Skin Wizard
– Improved old and completely new skins.
– Enhanced search algorythm. Now you can search for files using a wildcard.
– Previews in skins
– Hotkeys for the Menu call
– Tooltips for the Top List and Search widgets
– Several fixed bugs

More screenshots:

IPB Image IPB Image

Home Page : Link
Download : Link [Trial]

BricoPack – Elements Suite

The universal CustoPacks created with the BricoPack system by Bricomix, allow to install a pack on any version of Windows XP (32 bits), whatever the language !

Made according to the Icons Element by Pantoni, this new pack will modify the appareance of WindowsX.

Elements Suite modify WindowsXP in-depth, change pictures, icons, animations and the logon screen.

Elements Suite includes the Visual Style Foton theme created by OmArt et Matt0, and the wallpaper “Jaguar blue”

by ninio1985.

Elements Suite also includes some optional softwares to make your PC more functional et nicer.

IColor Folder by our friend Kemenaran, small application which change the folder’s color !
LClock by RCube, a clock which replace your taskbar one by a Longhorn-like.
RocketDock: Dock by the Punk! Software team.
ÜberIcon by the Punk! Software team : a small software which adds some effects on your icons when

double-clicking on (very sweet result).
Yz’Shadow by M.Yamaguchi: software which adds shadow on your windows.

Elements Suite is compatible with all languages and versions of WindowsXP, excepted XP 64 (X64).

Download : Here

: Screenshots :

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Best Desktop Skinning Guides

These are some of the best desktop skinning guides that i have seen.

1.> A beginner’s guide to customization, skinning and shell replacements

2.> Turn your PC into a Mac

3.> The Skinning Primer – A comprehensive look at Windows customization

Interesting Softwares

1.> True Transparency

2.> Styler

3.> Shedko Badges – Add Badges to your folders

4.> Microsoft Expression Studio

5.> Stardock TweakVista

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