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Get Download Links to High Quality YouTube Vids

Firefox with Greasemonkey only: The YouTube H.264 user script adds a link to view and download the higher-quality version of YouTube videos in page. You already know how to hack YouTube URLs to access a higher resolution and audio quality version of a clip, and this script makes downloading the HQ version easy. (See the difference between regular and HQ videos.) Be warned: This script can take time to render the links (sometimes it hangs indefinitely), and the HQ version isn’t available for all videos. Once the kinks get ironed out, I’ll add it to the Better YouTube extension. The YouTube H.264 user script is a free download that works with Firefox and the Greasemonkey extension.

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Better YouTube Extension Now Includes High Res Option

Just uploaded a new version of the Better YouTube Firefox extension, which now includes support for YouTube’s high resolution videos. You already know that a simple URL hack can magically up the quality of some videos; now with Better YouTube installed, no URL modification’s required. I highly recommend turning on YouTube HD with the Theater View in Better YouTube’s options for quite the viewing experience. Grab the update from Firefox’s Add-ons dialog, or click through to download it manually.

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Better Organize Your Tabs with Tree Style Tab

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension Tree Style Tab adds folder-tree-like navigation to your tab management, organizing tabs based on the order in which they were opened and the pages they originated from. The main idea behind Tree Style Tab is that you can keep track of the relations of your open tabs to each other so you can always follow the breadcrumb trail back to where you started—especially handy when you’re researching something and end up with an endless pile of unorganized tabs. The extension’s options are highly configurable, allowing you to customize the tab bar location, behavior of new tabs, and more. Tree Style Tab is free, works wherever Firefox does (including Firefox 3 betas).

Cap Your Browsing Bandwidth with Firefox Throttle

Windows only: Firefox extension Firefox Throttle caps your download and upload rates in Firefox so you can throttle the amount of bandwidth Firefox can use. The extension is full-featured, with options for excluding specific web domains and toggling the bandwidth throttle, along with some simple traffic stats for the current session. If you really want to take control of how your internet connection’s bandwidth is used up, setting up Quality of Service rules on your router is by far a better solution, but if you just wanted to limit the amount of bandwidth your browser can eat, the freeware, Windows-only Firefox Throttle should do the trick.

Firefox Throttle [via Shell Extension City]

Source : LifeHacker

View or Save Images in a Directory Tree with Unlinker

Firefox only (Windows/Linux/Mac) : Easily view images in a directory tree—without actually clicking through to every image—with Firefox extension Unlinker. The extension embeds itself into your right-click menu and offers many options for an improved web surfing experience. My favorite: the Convert in Page option, which turns the directory tree into a page filled with pictures so that you can browse the items in the directory tree before you actually download them. Unlinker features other options, including the ability to view graphics in a new window, to download all of the images locally, and to save all images to the clipboard. Unlinker is free, works whenever Firefox does.

Source : LifeHacker

Get the Most Out of Gmail with These Power Tips

Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, asked his blog readers for tips on how to improve Gmail—and he then compiled his responses on how to maximize your Gmail experience. While you can’t currently paste images into your email, for example, Matt suggests previously mentioned Firefox extension DragAndDropUpload. If you want to only read unread email in your inbox, you can perform a search for label:unread label:inbox. If you’re looking to compile an email but want to compose your message in a new window, hit the “C” button (whereas lowercase “c” allows you to compile the email without opening a new window).

You can get even more out of Gmail with Lifehacker’s Better Gmail 2 Firefox Extension. Have your own Gmail tips? Let’s hear them in the comments.

Power Up Your Google Apps with iGoogleBar

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux) : The iGoogleBar Firefox extension beefs up the default Google menu bar, which displays links to various other Google applications, adding full-on previews for each app by clicking the Google app icon (which iGoogleBar also adds). Aside from the on-click previews, iGoogleBar also gives you your unread Gmail and Google Reader counts. For the most part the app appears to serve up previews of mobile versions of each application, so it provides a quick and useful dashboard look at all of your Google apps through the simple Google apps menu bar. iGoogleBar is free, works wherever Firefox does.

Better YouTube Firefox Extension Updated with New Features


Better YouTube Firefox extension, a compilation of user scripts that enhance YouTube. The update fixes bugs due to a site redesign, and adds features like an alternate video player that does not autoplay (but does auto-load video in the background while it’s paused) and a handy link to download the video you’re watching. Current users can get the update through Firefox’s Add-ons dialog; everyone else, hit the link to download.

Mousewheel Click to Paste in Firefox

You already know you can open a link in a background tab by clicking it with your mousewheel, but the site points out five other mousewheel Firefox tricks that you may not have known. Like this gem, which requires a change to about:config:

Change the value of middlemouse.paste to true. This will let you paste a clipboard content to any text field with the middle mouse button.

Using this tweak coupled with our beloved AutoCopy extension, you could select text on-page and paste it into a textarea (like in a comments response) with a simple click, drag, and mousewheel hit. (Update: Oh, duh. If you’ve already got AutoCopy installed, mousewheel paste is already an extension option.) See more of our favorite Firefox 2 about:config tweaks.

Better GReader Updated with New Skins and Features


Finally got around to dusting off the Better GReader Firefox extension this weekend and jazzed it up with three new skins and features. My favorite skin is the beautiful Mac OS X skin, but the handy Reader Minimized skin and the updated Optimized options are useful, too. There are also two new Preview Item scripts in the mix, which loads a post’s originating web page in a frame right inside Reader. You can now also bypass that annoying “iGoogle or Reader?” prompt page with the Auto Add to Reader feature. Go grab the download at Better GReader’s homepage, or if you have it installed already, just update from Firefox’s Add-ons dialog box.

Google Sidebars

Firefox and Opera have a little-known feature: the sidebar. You can open any page in a persistent sidebar that sits in the left of your window. Because the sidebar is usually very small, not every web page is usable when added to the sidebar.

If the links from this page don’t automatically create a sidebar, you’ll have to bookmark them and select “Show in panel” (for Opera) or go to the Bookmark Manager, and enable “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” in the bookmark’s properties.

1. Google Notebook – a simplified version of Google Notebook that lets you access your notes and easily add new notes. It’s a good idea to use it if you don’t want to install the extension.

2. Google Talk – the Flash gadget for Google Talk is a good replacement for the desktop client if you don’t use more advanced features like voice chat or file sharing.

3. Google Search – this page was designed for Internet Explorer and it’s useful if you want to see the list of search results in the sidebar.

4. Google Docs & Spreadsheets – the list of your files sorted by the last modified date. (If the sidebar doesn’t show any document, replace 100 with a value smaller than the number of documents from your account. This is a bug.)

5. Google Calendar – it shows the calendar, your agenda and you can use it to quickly add events.

6. As most of these pages were actually created for Google gadgets, you may be wondering if it’s possible to add any gadget to the sidebar. Some of the gadgets can be added by bookmarking this address:[Gadget Source]

where [Gadget Source] is the URL of the gadget’s source code, which can be found if you click on the little arrow from each gadget box and select “About this gadget”.

Example: (a Sudoku game).

Now that you have a lot of sidebars, you’ll want a way to organize them.

Opera lets you easily switch between panels and for Firefox there’s an extension called All-in-One Sidebar that adds this functionality.

Source : googlesystem.blogspot

Google Maps in Your Sidebar

Mini Map Sidebar is probably the greatest Firefox extension for maps and geographical information. Its simple interface hides a lot of powerful tools that help you find places directly from your browser’s sidebar.

The sidebar lets you drag and drop addresses from the current web page, search the map, get the latitude/longitude, embed the map or send a link by email. It’s also easy to switch from Google Maps to Yahoo Maps, Windows Live Local or Google Earth. You always have a list of recent addresses, so you can go back to another address with just a click or select them when you want to get directions.

The extension also adds two options in the contextual menu that let you open the selected address in the sidebar or in a new tab.

Other interesting features: geodiscovery (if a page has geotags, you can view the locations – for example: some Flickr photos), preview KML files before opening them in Google Earth, find places reviewed at Platial and Tagzania.

Overall, the extension is very useful if you need to map a lot of places and opening Google Maps in a new tab is too time-consuming.


Source : Link

Keep Google Docs Close at Hand with gDocs Sidebar

Windows/Mac/Linux : For those who have migrated their day-to-day documents to Google Docs, or those just looking for a good reason to do so, gDocs Sidebar might be the time-saving, access-enabling tool you’re looking for. The free extension for Firefox adds a full-featured sidebar view of your uploaded documents, allowing you to search them, sort by document type, date or author, and narrow your view to specific folders (although sub-folders aren’t supported yet). Better still, those who despaired to see last week’s release of a drag-and-drop uploader released only for Windows get the same functionality in gDocs. My only complaint at this point is with its keyboard shortcut, which I had to re-assign from Ctrl-Shift+G to prevent the “Find” dialog from popping up with. All in all, however, it’s a Google Docs fan’s best friend and time-saver.

gDocs Sidebar is a free download and works wherever Firefox does.

gDocs Bar [via Google Operating System]

Personas – Light Weight Firefox Theming

Personas for Firefox is a extension that adds lightweight theming to your browser.

Personas is a prototype that builds upon the ideas that:

  • themes today are too hard to find, install and use
  • graphic designers should be able to style the browser without having to code
  • browsers can be more than just desktop software, they can include online components
  • people just want their computer to be a little more fun and personal


  • You can select a Persona from the dynamic menus and see results instantly without having to discover, select, download or install a separate bit of software or code.
  • Personas can be added, removed or updated by their designers at any time, without requiring a software update.

Get Personas for Firefox

  • Install Now for Firefox 2.0.0.* – 3.0b2pre, Windows/Mac/Linux
    Compatible with the default themes that ship with Firefox

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