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Assassin’s Creed 3 Reveal Trailer

Check it out the the next in line from the Assasins Series.


Unreal Engine 3 on various platforms

Check it out 🙂

Mass Effect 3 – “Female Shepard” Launch Trailer

Check this out Shepard as a Female Character

Mass Effect 3 – “Female Shepard” Launch Trailer


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Grand Theft Auto IV Video Review & More

Hi Guys

X-Play [G4TV] has come up with a video review of the most anticipated GTA Series Game ever made.

Go catch it here : G4 – X-Play – Reviews

More GTA 4 Videos @ G4TV

Grand Theft Auto IV: Social Interaction

GTA IV: Slip The Cops » Forgot to pay the toll? Give the cops the slip!
GTA IV: Shootout » Grenades come in handy in a shootout with the police.
GTA IV: Police Chase » Piss off the cops and get into a high speed chase.
GTA IV: Helicopter » Take a high-flying tour of Liberty City
GTA IV: Causing Chaos » It’s really easy to cause some chaos on the streets of Liberty City.
GTA IV: Carjacking » Check out some different ways to jack cars in ‘GTA IV’

Grand Theft Auto IV Video @


Strip Club Gameplay
I heard the buffalo wings are really good.

Four-Minute Chase Gameplay
Four minutes of raw gameplay with minimal cuts–just the art of the chase.

Choice Cuts Gameplay
A highlight reel of some time spent in Liberty City.

Refund Gameplay
Demand a refund if you are not fully satisfied with your service.

Catch More GTA IV Videos Here : – Grand Theft Auto IV: Reviews, Trailers, and Interviews

Search for “Grand Theft Auto IV” for more Videos

Enjoy 🙂

FreeLoader Disc Makes Nintendo Wii Region Free

Boot disc enables region-free gaming on Nintendo Wii

For several reasons, many of which unacceptable to the hardcore gamer, videogame consoles have typically been region locked. Game companies have different publishing agreements according to territory, similar to DVD movies, hence the need for region locking.

Gamers who crave games outside of their local region have long found ways to modify their consoles to accept foreign software. For the Nintendo GameCube, importers didn’t have to resort to voiding their console’s warranty by installing a chip, but rather only a boot disc was required to run foreign-region games.

That boot disc technology, called FreeLoader, is now available for the Wii from CodeJunkies. Like the GameCube FreeLoader disc that came before it, the Wii FreeLoader allows any console from any region to play any game on any Wii.

The FreeLoader only supports original games, and thus cannot be used to run bootleg copies. The FreeLoader for Wii will also function for import GameCube games, working with the Wii’s backwards compatibility.

One potential problem not addressed yet is firmware updates. Many Wii games, especially big titles, feature system update software built into the disc which must be installed before playing. Installing firmware meant for another region’s hardware can have detrimental effects on one’s console.

The modding community has managed to get around debilitating firmware via patches that block the updating portion of the disc, but such an option may not be available to those attempting to run legitimate games with the FreeLoader.

Source : DailyTech

Genesis emulation comes to the Wii

ust after seeing a GameCube / Wii Tetris, Linux build, SNES emulator, and the first homebrew MP3 player for Nintendo’s money-maker, we’re getting a totally radical, native Genesis / Megadrive emulator for the console. Coder-extraordinaire Eke-Eke has created not only the first of its kind for the Wii (and GameCube), but it’s also the first ever that’s capable of playing Virtua Racing, a milestone in Genesis emulation. This latest feat utilizes the same backdoor Twilight Princess hack, which is proving to be the best thing that happened to Wii development since… well… ever. Hit the read link and check it out yourself.

Source : Engadget

White PS3 rumours hot up

Queues may start forming outside US Circuit City stores by the end of this story, because fresh rumours indicate that ‘ceramic white’ PlayStation 3s are winging their way to the electronics giant’s stores.

According to unnamed sources at CC, cited by website Kotaku, employees have been taking in stock of a new model PS3 stamped with code “CECHH01”, which has previously been associated with the white PS3.

CC staff claim to have been told, presumably by Sony, to expect a new 40GB model without a free movie, suggesting the white PS3 will initially be offered in the 40GB capacity. It’s said the white PS3s will be held in stock until all remaining bundles comprising a 40GB PS3 with a Blu-ray copy of Spiderman 3 have been sold.

Sony took up its established “deny all” stance long ago, talking down rumours of a white PS3 in January, despite the appearance of documents filed by the company with the US Federal Communications Commission that seemed to suggest one was en-route to the US and Europe.

Arrival of a white PS3 only in the US would be disappointing for dedicated European gamers, who only have two 40GB PS3 bundles to look forward to in the coming weeks. Japanese gamers will be quietly pleased with themselves though, because the region’s already taken delivery of a ceramic white PS3 and a satin silver model goes on sale there next week for ¥39,900 (£185/€220/$370)

Source :

Nerf Blaster Controller for the Wii brings it all full circle

While Nerf has tried to be a supportive as possible of your Wii addiction, it’s clear that there’s really only room for one gun in your life — and Nerf wants to be it. The upcoming Nerf Blaster Controller (Wii) brings healing to this relationship, by letting you use the Nerf shell to blast away at baddies with your Wiimote locked on top, and then swap in a Nerf dart chamber to blast away at your cat while Link catches his breath. It’s the best of both worlds, and the right thing to do. Hasbro will be showing off the Blaster Controller at Toy Fair 2008 next week, so hopefully we’ll get some more release info then.

[Via Crave]

Source : engadget

Wii 2 and Xbox the Third hitting in 2010?

Those pesky analysts are at it again, and this time it’s serious: Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities says we can expect a sequel to the Wii in 2010, to be followed by a new Xbox later that year. Obviously it’s something on the minds of all three of the gaming hardware giants — in fact, Gizmondo probably has 2010 in its sights as well — but there’s really no telling at this point how accurate this rumor is. What we have heard are some conjectures before now that Nintendo has a shorter life cycle in mind for its graphics-impaired Wii. Also, Microsoft obviously made a huge bet this generation on hitting a year before the competition, and has done alright for itself in the process, so Microsoft might be looking for a repeat. There’s no rumor yet on Sony’s PS4 plans, but while the company has its hands full at the moment with its purported 2008 comeback, we’re sure they’re keeping this all in mind. Wilson also predicts a new Nintendo DS and PSP in 2010, meaning any way you slice it youre’re going need a second mortgage.

[Via Joystiq]

Source : engadget

MadCatz Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion kit now officially available

Older 360 owners looking to get rid of those clunky component cables might want to take note: that MadCatz HDMI Conversion Kit is now official. The $90 adapter comes with cables and supports HDMI 1.3, 1080p, Dolby Digital and DTS — but there’s no telling what the VGA-to-HDMI signal conversion will do to your image quality, so you’re probably better off doing the eBay shuffle and getting a new 360 with HDMI built-in.

Source : engadget

Terra Soft offering up 80GB PS3s with Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 pre-installed

Early last year, we polled the grand audience and found out just what you liked (and disliked) about Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 for PS3. Fast forward 13 months, and those still waiting on the sidelines have yet another option for jumping in. As of now, Terra Soft Solutions is offering up Sony’s 80GB PlayStation 3 with YDL 6.0 pre-installed for $549.95, and yes, that includes the DVDs containing the OS. Interestingly, it seems as if you’ll still have to pony up for a component or HDMI cable, but at least the option’s there, right?

Source : engadget

PSP Skype Review

 ——————————— QUOTE  ———————————

It is not perfect yet. One potential annoyance is that it takes about one minute from when you click on the Skype icon, until you can place a call. For some reason the Skype accesses the memory stick like crazy sometimes. It’s hard to believe that it does not fit in memory… The second thing is that you have to connect the headset/microphone to the PSP audio remote. That means more cable and it’s something that is not welcome for a mobile device. See it for yourself in the photo gallery.We’re staying on top of this hot PSP topic: now that Skype has landed on the PSP, many of you might like to know how well it works. We tested it and our verdict is that it works really well. To use it, you need to install the PSP 3.90 update and you need a microphone. In my case, I used a plain Sony headset (see photos). Don’t forget to plug the headset into the PSP audio remote, it is required.

Upon entering your login/password, you will find Skype’s familiar environment, with your contacts. Simply choose one, place a call and voila. The sound quality is excellent. I tried to call a couple of people and it worked flawlessly – they were even surprised to know that I was talking on Skype for PSP (they found it increadibly cool too), as if they expected a mobile device to sound noticeably worse (than a PC).

It just works and it sounds great. The user interface is speedy, just like the regular PSP menus, no problem there.

 ——————————— QUOTE  ———————————

Source : ubergizmo

More Pics : ubergizmo

EA Predicts PS3 to Outsell Xbox 360 in 2008

Electronic Arts expects PS3 to sell better than Xbox 360

Massive games publisher Electronic Arts released estimates placing PlayStation 3 ahead of Xbox 360 in sales throughout 2008, reported GamesIndustry.

According to the publisher, Sony’s console will make major gains in Europe, where it expects between 5 and 6 million PlayStation 3s sold in the year. In contrast, EA thinks the Xbox 360 will sell just 1.5 to 2.5 million units.

EA believes that PlayStation 3 will be able to tie the Xbox 360 in North America, both selling 4.5 to 5.5 consoles each in 2008. With Europe and North American numbers combined, however, the PlayStation 3 is expected to take a 3.5 million sales lead for the year.

While EA is betting on the PlayStation 3, the games company has had its share of challenges developing games for the system. Several of its sports titles, such as Madden NFL and NHL, run at smoother framerates.

At a recent investor conference call, EA CEO John Riccitiello said that developers were “still experiencing some delay on the PS3,” but added that multiplatform games made first on Sony’s system, such as Burnout Paradise, posed fewer problems. “There still remains some catching up to do on the engineering side for the PS3,” said Riccitiello.

Not surprisingly, the Wii is predicted by EA to be the top seller again for the second year in a row, with 12 to 13 million in 2008. The portable systems are also expected to continue high sales, with the DS hitting 14 to 16 million and the PSP to sell 6 to 8 million. The PlayStation 2 will carry out its long tail with 3.9 to 4.9 million.

Source : DailyTech

Rocking out with Rock Band: DLC Review

Manufacturer : Harmonix
Author : Derek Wilson

As a musician, when I first learned about the popularity of games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band I was a little suspicious. I was curious, of course, but skeptical enough that I hadn’t gone out of my way to give this new craze a shot. But the day of reckoning came, and I must say that I was shocked by how much I really love Rock Band.

I’ll leave the philosophical discussions for another time, but the bottom line is that whether someone plays an instrument already or not, Rock Band is genuinely fun. Guitar Hero is nice too, but the ability to play with three friends, the inclusion of drums (my instrument of choice), and vocals really puts this one head and shoulders above anything else out there.

For the skeptics: believe me I never thought I would say this; Rock Band is worth the money. It’s got replay value all over the place from increasing difficulty to trying other instruments to downloading new tracks to play. It’s got solo and multiplayer capabilities that make it one of the best single player, online multiplayer and party games out there. Yes, the cost of the kit is high, but the potential value delivered is amazing.

Read Complete Review Here : AnandTech

Read More : Tech2 – Rock Band to Rock the Wii

Satin PS3 to launch in Japan

Sony has announced it will make a satin silver 40GB PS3 available only in Japan, to accompany the black and ceramic white versions already available over there.

The Satin Silver Sony Playstation 3 will go on sale on 6 March for ¥39,800 ($362 or about £185).

Potentially problematic with fingerprints, like the black model, we suspect

Sony will also offer the Dualshock 3 controller in matching Satin Silver, but isn’t bundling it with the console. Instead, you’ll just get the SixAxis controller – minus the rumble.

The new launch follows the release of the Ceramic White PS3 in Japan last year, that has recently been confirmed for an appearance in the US.

No other colours aside from the standard issue black have been announced for launch in the UK.

Source :

Xbox 360 Arcade announced for Japan

A crucial showdown approaches for the console industry. Next month, Microsoft will ship a cut-price Xbox 360 in Japan, on the same day that Sony’s satin PlayStation 3 launches in the land of the rising sun.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Arcade UK edition: no hard drive, but supports HDMI

On 6 March, Microsoft will launch an edition of the Xbox 360 that’s identical to the Arcade Edition, which was originally unveiled for the UK back in October.

The console comes with HDMI compatibility, a wireless controller and a 256MB memory card, instead of a hard drive. In the UK, the machine also ships with five full-version games, including Pac-Man Championship Edition. Whether Japanese gamers will be treated to the same deal remains to be seen.

The bargain basement Microsoft machine will retail for ¥27,800 (£130/€190/$260) in Japan.

Source :

Sony debuts Powerful PSP battery for 11 hours of gaming

Sony Japan has announced a new battery pack for the PSP, it has a capacity of 2200 mAh which is 1,000mAh more than the standard 1200mAh battery. The peeped up battery is compatible with the new PSP (PSP-2000) only. When installed it delivers around 7 – 11 hours of continuous gaming and 7 – 9 hours of video playback. The new battery pack goes on sale in Japan from March 19 for 5500 Yen ($ 50).

Source : NewLaunches

Slim’n’light PS3 en-route?

Sony is preparing a slimmer version of the chunky PlayStation 3, it has been claimed, a move that would match what’s it’s already done with the PSone, PS2 and PSP.

According to a “well-informed insider” cited by birds’n’boxes mag Tomorrow’s Technology Today, that trend will be repeated with the PS3.

Unfortunately, Sony’s official line for the time being is that it doesn’t comment on speculation or rumour.

It’s impossible to know how a slim’n’light PS3’s tech specs will differ from previous models. However, reports of higher capacity models have been floating around for a wee while – although Sony’s already denied it’s working to add more storage to the machine.

More storage would be a real bonus for the PlayTV DVR add-on Sony has already announced will be coming to the PS3 this year.

Sony has a history of slimming down its existing consoles. It’s already slimmed down the PSP and built in Skype connectivity. The PS2 has also been slimmed down into a flat-pack offering.

Source :

Turn your PS3 into a DVR

PlayTV lets you watch and record live telly on your Sony hub and take it with you on your PSP.

Consoles can’t be just consoles these days. No sirree. If it can’t do telly, browse the web and take care of our ironing, we’re not interested.

Which is why we’re loving PlayTV. This nifty little device turns your PS3 into a full on DVR, letting you watch lovely freeview, slap shows onto your hard drive and take them with you thanks to your PSP.

It’s a breeze to set up. All you need to do is shove the box into your aerial and then your PS3. Make sure you’ve wired up your massive telly and you’re away.

You can pause, rewind and replay live TV, Sky Plus style, and record one show while you’re watching another.

Once you’ve snaffled them, you can go through your library, check out a fifteen second clip to see if it’s what you want and then hit play.

Best of all, you can use Remote Play to access anything you’ve recorded and watch it on your PSP. Wherever you are, not just in some local hotspot.

Sadly, they won’t tell us when or how much. Which is, as you can imagine, a right pain. Still, when we know, you will too.

Source : T3 

New PlayStation3 Could Arrive Autumn 2008

Trawling the CES show last month, we happened across a rather juicy piece of gadget gossip.

According to a particularly well-informed insider, it seems that the Big S is prepping an all new PlayStation 3. The new incarnation is supposedly slimmer, lighter weight, and sexy as hell.

It’s not as if Sony haven’t got a history of making things slimmer and, er, lighter: The PSP shed a lot of its weight last summer, the original PlayStation ended up as the minuscule PSOne, and the PlayStation 2 re-incarnated as the PSTwo, which was an all-round sexier piece of kit to boot. Roll on PSThree?

Specs-wise, we’re probably looking at the same machine with stacks of space and the trusty Blu-Ray player on board. The new PS3 is a proper looker: if it’s anything like the illustration our team of designers have come up with, then we’re looking at one hell of a sexy piece of kit.

We wouldn’t be at all shocked if the much-touted 160GB PS3 is in fact this slimmed down puppy.

Sony has peddled their usual line of ‘not commenting on rumours and speculation’, but that is exactly what they said before they dropped the size zero edition of the PSP.

For now, that’s all we have. But rest assured we’ll be pounding the phones and keeping our ears pricked for any news as soon as we get it.

Like the pictures we’ve got here? Then you’ll love the ones we’ve got in T3 magazine. This little beastie looks a hell of a lot better in full, glorious, glossy high-definition print than on a pesky computer screen!

For more pics and info, check out the March issue of T3, on sale February 7th!

Source : T3

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