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Set Up a Web-Based Desktop with EyeOS

When you’re at a computer that’s missing a vital file or application, like an office workstation that’s locked down, a friend’s system or coffee shop computer, you can still get to a desktop that contains your essentials—on the web. A “webtop” is a virtual desktop that you access using only a browser, and it can include much of the stuff you’d expect on a local computer desktop: like file storage and management, a calendar, RSS reader, email client, and photo viewer. While there are several web desktops available these days, the free and open source EyeOS application is the most accessible, useful, and promising one out there. Follow along to see what a web-based desktop looks like, and how it can help you get things done when you’re locked down or out of pocket.

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Convert PDFs to Online Books with Issuu

Web site Issuu turns any PDF into a web-friendly, embeddable Flash eBook. Just upload the PDF to Issuu and it takes care of all the heavy lifting. When it’s done, the result is a flippable page-turner like what you see above. Some PDFs will work better than others for this sort of embedding, and for those pages with text that’s too small to read, clicking on the page will zoom in. It’s not the first online PDF viewer, but it may be the best looking—perfect for online zines or just sharing documents without sending big attachments.

Manage Your Tracking Numbers with Track My Shipments

Web site TrackMyShipments automatically tracks packages from any delivery company by examining the shipping email and adding any shipments to your tracking queue. It works like this: You sign up for TrackMyShipments, then forward any shipping confirmation email (you know, those “Your order has shipped” emails) to The webapp identifies your email address and automatically detects the tracking number and company from your email, and starts tracking the package. Their site displays the status of the package and its current location on a map, and you can use it to set up email or SMS alerts for deliveries. With TrackMyShipments, keeping track of all your various packages is as simple as forwarding an email.

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