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Windows 8 in 8 Minutes from Lifehacker

Lifehacker summarized the Windows 8 Keynote in 8 Minutes.

Enjoiii the Video 🙂



Windows 8 ReImagined!

Windows 8 looks promising and as the year progresses many thing will become clear which OS will rule the market Android, iOS or Windows.

Though Windows 8 is just not a tablet OS its much more than that.

Enjoy this Keynote Video from CES

Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer, Windows, shares a preview of Windows 8 during the Microsoft keynote at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

Microsoft Cuts Prices for Three Versions of Windows Vista

Microsoft cuts Vista prices just a year after its consumer launch.

Windows Vista has received a sour reputation in the year it has been on the market. Some users of complained about driver incompatibility and performance issues — among other things — compared to the venerable Windows XP operating system the came before it. Microsoft addressed a number of these issues with Service Pack 1, but many consumers and businesses are still sticking with Windows XP.

Microsoft is looking to give customers more incentive to upgrade to Windows Vista by cutting the price on some versions of the operating system. Although upgrade versions account for less than 10% of Vista licenses, two upgrade editions will see price cuts.

The range-topping Windows Vista Ultimate (full) will fall from $399 to $319. Windows Vista Ultimate (upgrade) drops to $219 from $259. Finally, Windows Vista Home Premium (upgrade) had its price cut from $159 to $129.

“We anticipate these changed will provide greater opportunities … to sell more stand-alone copies of Windows,” said Microsoft corporate VP Brad Brooks.

Microsoft says that it sold over 100 million Vista licenses since its consumer launch in late January 2007. Hopefully for Microsoft, this latest price cut will help improve Vista adoption.

However, there may be one obstacle in the way that will still stop consumers from making the switch: Windows XP SP3.

Source : DailyTech

Samsung Portable Projector for Mobile Phones

The Samsung mini-projector for Mobile Phone scales a mobile phone screen up to 10-20 inches. So the user can enjoy the phone’s mobile contents – photo, video, etc. – not just through the phone’s 3-inch screen but by viewing the portable large screen. Carrying the mini-projector, the user can connect it to a smart phone for business presentations, playing games or watching videos anytime, anywhere, said Samsung. It also supports video conferencing. Users can talk via the large screen with others.

The Samsung mini-projector for Mobile Phone is expected to hit the market as early as the second quarter.

Source : Fareastgizmos

Vista SP1 doesn’t significantly boost performance, slows down certain tasks


We heard a lot of different performance claims about Vista SP1 in past few month, and now that it’s finally (sort of) here, it’s time to bust out the stopwatches and see what’s what. According to CNET, early tests of SP1 indicate that while there are some performance enhancements to be had, they’re mostly driver related — so if you’ve been updating all along, you won’t see much of an improvement. What’s worse, certain tasks like copying files to USB 2.0 hard drives have gotten around 50 percent slower, a speed hit that overshadows the other filesystem improvements in SP1. All in all, though, it looks like SP1 is a worthwhile update — just don’t expect anything to get noticeably faster.


Source : engadget

Power Up Windows Explorer with DMEXBar

Windows XP/2000 only: We’ve advocated the value of non-native file browsers like Xplorer2 and FreeCommander, but not everybody wants to switch out the native Windows file browser they’ve come to know so well. Enter DMEXBar, a free plug-in app that add custom power-browsing options to Windows Explorer. Run the installer and you get to choose whether you want to enable dual-pane browsing (with folder synchronization), adding “favorites” and other shortcut buttons to the taskbar, opening command prompts from any directory, or many, many more options. I noticed a little bit of slowdown when opening directories off the desktop in XP, but plug-ins worked without a hitch during a quick test. DMEXBar is a free download for Windows 2000/XP only.

Microsoft was right to delay SP1 release

Microsoft is taking a lot of heat by announcing that Vista SP1 is ready, but then not making it available for the general public until some time in March. But Microsoft made the right move by delaying launch — if SP1 were out today, plenty of people would be having very serious driver problems.

As Computerworld’s Eric Lai reports, Microsoft delayed launching SP1 because of incompatibilities between the service pack and drivers on peoples’ machine. Microsoft won’t necessarily be fixing those drivers before launch. Instead, it is tracking down which drivers cause problems, and then ensuring that Microsoft Update, or some other method, will block SP1 from being installed on hardware with potential driver glitches.

It’s clearly the right move to delay launch. So why did Microsoft announce that SP1 had gone gold so far in advance of launch? After all, Microsoft could have simply waited until March to make the announcement.

Complete Article : Computer World

Windows VISTA Services that can be Safely Set to MANUAL

[Quote ->]

When we install Windows Vista, there are many services running in background. Among them many services are useless and can be set manual to make our windows faster.

In this tutorial I’ll tell you about the services which can be safely set to MANUAL.


Read Complete Tutorial : Here

How to Enable / Activate Hidden Administrator Account in Windows Vista?

[Quote –]

Many ppl ask me why there is no built-in Administrator account available in Windows Vista like previous Windows versions? Why can’t we use the default Administrator account? The answer is “Yes! The default Administrator account is created in Vista too but its disabled by default for security purposes.”

You might want to enable it for troubleshooting or to get rid of the annoying UAC prompts while tweaking your system. So here I’ll describe a few methods to enable / activate the hidden Administrator account in Windows Vista


Read Complete Tutorial : Here

Microsoft to release Windows Vista SP1 on Feb 15th? runs a story about DRAM supplies getting short this year. He mentions Vista SP1 might be a trigger for more DRAM demand:

“Nanya’s Pai said that in 2007 major PC OEMs had limited amounts to spend on DRAM because of rising panel and battery prices.

He expects the PC market to have a drop in sales in the first quarter, which will be deeper than the ones in previous years because of strong shipments by PC OEMs to retail channels in the fourth quarter.

But the PC market will rebound in the second quarter, he said. The launch of an updated version of Microsoft Vista on February 15, if its prices do not go up too much compared to its previous version, may help boost DRAM sales, Pai added.”

News source: Bink

Patched Uxtheme.dll for Vista SP1 RC & XP SP3 RC

If you have installed Vista SP1 or XP SP3 due to your adventurous nature or due to some compulsion, and now you feel stuck because existing Uxtheme patchers don’t work in Vista SP1 and XP SP3 and now you are unable to install any third party visual style then these two links are for you.

bulletgreen.gif Patched Uxtheme files for Vista SP1 RC
bulletgreen.gif Windows XP SP3 Beta Uxtheme.dll

AutoPatcher is back!

Microsoft killed the Autopatcher project some months ago which was a shock to everyone who used their monthly Windows Update collections to update their computer(s) which had several benefits such as downloading the updates only once and not connecting to a Microsoft server at all.

The Autopatcher team was busy and have releases an early beta of a software they call Autopatcher Updater. The process of obtaining the updates has been changed. The Autopatcher Updater lists the latest updates for the operating system and Microsoft Office and downloads the files from Microsoft and Autopatcher afterwards.

New version of AutoPatcher Updater

Since this is a beta some problems emerge every now and then in particular a Runtime Error bug for some users which will probably resolved in the next release.

Source : gHacks

The main Autopatcher Updater interface:

The download window:

When the updates are downloaded you need to run autopatcher.exe which will then give you the option to install some or any of the updates that have been downloaded.

Since this is a beta some problems emerge every now and then in particular a Runtime Error bug for some users which will probably resolved in the next release.

Nevertheless I’m glad that the team is back and it will be only a matter of time until they add more comfort and options to the updating process.

Next Windows to get multi-touch

Next Windows to get multi-touch

Microsoft’s next version of Windows will support complex multi-touch features, according to a claim by company test engineer Hilton Locke. So far referred to only as Windows 7, the operating system will receive a Windows Technology update that should allow multiple points of contact and significantly more complex input options than the iPhone. Users of the Apple handset will be “blown away” by the additions to Windows, Locke hints without providing specific details.The allusion confirms Microsoft’s increasing focus on touchscreen devices. The company has long been a proponent of tablet PCs and touch input in Windows Mobile but has typically only provided control through a single point of contact and has largely designed its interfaces around a stylus rather than fingers. The Windows developer gave its first signs of a change in approach with the introduction of its Surface table, which relies on a series of hidden camera sensors to recognize several points at once as well as inanimate objects with embedded tags. A related technology has also been demonstrated in a notebook prototype but is not confirmed for shipping computers.

Dell today also revealed that its new Latitude XT tablet has a capacitive touchscreen that accepts multi-touch input without a stylus, though it notes that implementing the feature in current versions of Windows will require drivers and support from end-user programs themselves to work properly.

Source :  Link

Vista SP1 Kills The WGA Kill Switch

Microsoft’s anti-piracy system known as Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is set to lose its bite. When Vista SP1 launches in early 2008, WGA will still identify — ad-nauseam — what it thinks to be non-legal copies of Vista. However, it will lose its ability to disable said systems. The change was announced in a presentation by WGA senior product manger, Alex Kochis, who said, “Based on customer feedback, we will not reduce user functionality on systems determined to be non-genuine.” That should bring a swift end to WGA customer complaints related to false-positives, spyware concerns, or server glitches. Score one point for law-abiding citizens everywhere.

Source : engadget

Hardening Windows 2K/XP/2K3/Vista in 12 Steps

APK @ Neowin Forums has written a detailed guide on how to harden your Windows OS.

His Guide helps ACHIEVE (or, better) CIS TOOL scores for Windows users via the APK “12 step program” for a secure Windows NT-based OS (2000/XP/Server 2003/VISTA)

Read Complete Guide Here: Neowin Forums

Top Ten Vista Tips + 50 Additional Tips And Tricks : ExtremeTech gives us Top 10 Vista Tips.

Source: Extremetech

Here they are.

Ten Windows Vista Top Tips
Boot manager for Windows Vista and Windows MCE?
I have a system with TWO hard drives installed. One has MCE and the second has Vista. I would like to get a boot manager that will allow me to pick one at boot without having to access the BIOS or innards of the machine. Any suggestions?

Can I upgrade 32 Bit Windows XP to 64 Bit Windows Vista?
The real question is can I buy the 64 bit upgrade version and be able to apply it to my current 32 bit Windows XP? Or do I have to buy the more expensive new install 64 bit version and do a fresh install, thus losing all my precious Windows stuff?

Windows Vista using too much of my RAM?
Just got a new computer, with Vista pre-installed upon it. 32 bit version, and man was it confusing at first. I was pulling my hair out trying to find “My Computer”… to say the least I’m not too good with computers. At least with Vista, for that matter.

I enjoy some games in my part time, for some relaxation. However, in my 1024MB RAM system, there is 400-500MB RAM already taken up by the programs, effectively reducing the gaming experience. What can I do to drop it down? On my old computer, a good ol’ CTRL-ALT-DEL and you could wipe out all the unnecessary programs, but in Vista, they don’t seem to be there. And on the “Services” tab, I’m not sure what to turn off.

Any ideas? I’m sure there is a way to salvage at least 200MB more RAM. I’m almost to the point of buying a 256MB stick to make up for it!

Will Windows Vista make my video card obsolete?
I will be building a new Core 2 PC soon, and I already have a 7950 video card for it. What I plan on building should last a very long time (main components are Core 2 E6700, Asus P5N32-SLI SE, 7950 GX2, 2 GB DDR2 800 RAM, 250GB SATA HDD, Thermaltake Toughpower 750, Creative X-Fi ExtremeMusic). This will be Vista ready and beyond. And as time goes on, I can always add another 7950 to boost performance (can’t imagine a time when this rig will be slow!).

But when Vista comes out, and ultimately DX10, the 7950 will obviously handle anything thrown at it, but is DX10 compatibility something that can be handled via a driver update? Or will you have to buy a whole new card? I’ve got the fastest card on the planet, but will it be obsolete in a few months when DX10 comes out?

Fan too loud while running Windows Vista!
Anyone else find that a Vista upgrade makes your Nvidia graphics card fan run at max all the time? My system is so much louder than before and it’s unpleasant just having it on. (It’s a 6600 GT/ Athlon 3400+/VIA chipset on the mobo.)

Which video card should I get for Windows Vista?
Currently have a Formac Monitor 2020 for photography use, not games (I hate games). The Formac is DVI and quite high resolution. I did a test to see if my PC was ready for a Vista upgrade and the graphics card failed. Anyone know what card I should get?

Monitor problems in Windows Vista?
I have a HP Pavilion a6010n with a GeForce 8500 video card and HP monitor. The operating system is Vista Home Premium. The computer is 3 months old. Starting a few weeks ago, I suspect after an automatic Microsoft update, the computer will quit communicating with the monitor. When the computer first boots up it will work well for hours at a time, but if it is left on and not used for several hours, the monitor will quit communicating with the computer. The time in the lower right corner of the screen will be frozen and not updated. When I try to use the computer the monitor display becomes scrambled: the task bar and Windows button jump to the top of the screen. Nothing functions.

Alt-Ctrl-Del will reset to a screen that will allow the computer reboot button to function. The computer reboots and works well for several hours at a time. But if left alone for several hours, the same thing happens again. The Nvidia card driver is the most current from September 2007. Aero has been turned on and off. All non-essential display drivers have been deactivated. The problem persists. Any ideas before I reinstall Vista or do I ditch Vista and go back to Windows XP?

Is now the time to Upgrade to Vista?
I’m running XP home. This is my machine, mostly for playing games and zipping about the Net. I do have XP Office Pro which i use alot. the only thing that’s holding me back is having to buy a new office suite which I will not do again for some time to come. also I’m not so sure about the upgrade or how well the machine will do on the game end of things. It’s an AMD64@3800, 7950 Nvida card, and 2GB of RAM. I’m pretty happy with XP, but I do hate being behind on an OS. Should I go Vista or stay with XP which I enjoy.

Free Image (ISO) Recorders for Vista?
In XP, I used Nero to burn .iso files to CDs, but Vista doesn’t like my older (version 6) Nero, and I don’t have the money to upgrade to the new version. Does anyone know of any free CD image burners that work well in Windows Vista 32bit?

Windows XP or Windows Vista?
I just wanted to discuss these two options for an operating system. I have been using XP for several years now and I like it very much. XP is a pretty good operating system unlike 98. I don’t buy desktops anymore, I build my own so I know what I am getting. I plan on building a new system in the near future using XP. My concern is Vista. I feel like its being pushed on us and we don’t have a choice. Businesses such as Best Buy etc., are selling computers with Vista only. You can’t go to a store and purchase one with XP. XP has been pulled from the shelves making way for Vista. Has anyone heard if Microsoft has set a date for withdrawing tech support and updates for XP?

If you think this is the end you are wrong.

Vista Made Easy: 50 Tips And Tricks 

Tips 1 to 10
Tips 11 to 20
Tips 21 to 30
Tips 31 to 40
Tips 41 to 50

NOTE: All the credit goes to guys at ExtremeTech for answering this.

Optimize XP for Dual Core

rajputwarrior @ Neowin Forums has written a nice guide on how to optimize Windows XP

for Dual Core.

This article is for both Intel and AMD’s Dual Core based CPU’s

Read Complete Article Here : Neowin Forums


For your sceptics out there, check out this review of a sager laptop with the fix applied. Not only does it fix the games in this review, but a lot of the newer ones (such as HL2 or GRAW and the upcoming unreal tournament 3) this will give you a nice boost in performance.

SagerLaptop Review : NoteBookReview

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Windows XP SP3 Yields Performance Gains Over Vista SP1

After a disappointing showing by Windows Vista SP1 (see previous post), we were pleasantly surprised to discover that Windows XP Service Pack 3 (v.3244) delivers a measurable performance boost to this aging desktop OS. Testing with OfficeBench showed an ~10% performance boost vs. the same configuration running under Windows XP w/Service Pack 2.

Since SP3 was supposed to be mostly a bug-fix/patch consolidation release – unlike w/Vista SP1, Microsoft made no promises of improved performance for XP – the unexpected speed boost comes as a nice bonus. In fact, XP SP3 is shaping-up to be a “must have” update for the majority of users who are still running Redmond’s not-so-latest and greatest desktop OS.

Of course, none of this bodes well for Vista, which is now more than 2x slower than the most current builds of its older sibling. Suffice to say that performance-minded users will likely choose to stick with the now even speedier Windows XP – at least until more “Windows 7” information becomes publicly available.

Source: Neowin

Windows 7 – Whats New ?

Windows 7 – Whats New ?

With Windows Vista far from being the last mammoth release of the Windows operating system as we know it, Microsoft is increasingly focusing on Windows 7. Stripped down of its Vienna codename, following the development strategy implemented by Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, debuted with the introduction of product numbers, Windows 7 is currently set for 2010, in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. At the same time, there are generally only scarce details related to Windows 7 available, most of which do not benefit from any official confirmation from Microsoft.

But one aspect of the operating system, that the Redmond company will evolve, concerns the ecosystem of programs and applications built on top of the platform. In this context, Windows 7 could be synonymous with an overhaul of how the Windows client handles the deployment, configuration and management of third-party software products integrated into its fabric in an effort to improve installation, stability, performance etc.

Read Complete Article Here: SoftPedia

Hacking Vista: Optimize Core OS Components

Hacking Vista: Optimize Core OS Components

The core Windows components can be thought of as the steel beam structure of a skyscraper. This basic structure of the building provides support for all the other components. Windows Vista is a massive program that has various layers of components that support each other. This chapter is going to help you tweak the core components of Windows to increase the overall performance of your computer. Instead of a steel beam structure,Windows Vista’s core components are short-term memory (RAM, a.k.a. volatile memory), long-term storage (your hard drive, a.k.a. non-volatile memory), and the CPU. All the programs that run on Windows, including Windows itself, eventually break down to these three core components.

To get started, you are going to tweak your system’s short-term memory using some techniques and features of Windows Vista to increase the speed of memory operations. Then, you are going to hack another critical component, the paging system, and then speed up your hard drive and adjust how your CPU does work. These tweaks and hacks will help you speed up the overall performance of your computer.

Read Complete Article: Here

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